The people to blame for much of the baseless protesting and disorder concerning police officers in New York and elsewhere, are the electorate.  When people elect candidates in the likes of Bill DeBlasio into high government positions, they get their reward. If Americans would do their homework and delve into the background and ideologies of candidates, they might see through the facades and false impressions that elect such dangerous agendas. If Mayor DeBlasio is the best there is to offer citizens of New York City, the city is in trouble.

     The problem is that voters en masse care mostly about single issues, i.e. welfare, immigration, socialism, abortion, etc. Rarely do they truly dig into the archives to see who America is really voting into office. If the voters had dug deeper, this is what they could have learned about DeBlasio:

     DeBlasio is not just a left-wing democrat. He is so far to the left it smacks of another political entity that we once considered a vital threat to the nation. During the 1980’s DeBlasio was an ardent supporter of the Marxist Sandinista government of Nicaragua. In his campaign, he was supported by, and cozied up to, the Nicaraguan  Solidarity Network of greater New York, described by many publications as a Communist front organization.  In Nicaragua, the organization was responsible for the bombing the last Jewish synagogue  in that country, which drove the local Jews totally into exile.  In September of 2013, the New York Times noted:

     Mr. DeBlasio became an ardent supporter of the Nicaraguan revolutionaries. He helped raise funds for the Sandinistas in New York and subscribed to the party’s newspaper, Barricada, or Barricade. When he was asked at a meeting in 1990 about his goals for society, he said he was an advocate of “democratic socialism.”

     Defined: Marxism.

     Of course, to get himself elected, he had to amend his identification with anti-American ideology so he renamed himself as a Progressive Democrat.

     In her 10/31/13 article for The Daily Caller, African-American writer Marjorie Romeyn-Sanabria, cites a myriad of nefarious red flags in DeBlasio’s background which should have alarmed any voter, liberal or conservative. See link, below.  She writes:  

     De Blasio has also been endorsed by SEIU 1199, one of the East Coast’s largest unions. In addition to its size and influence, SEIU 1199 has communist origins, even going to far as loaning its space for an event honoring the life of alleged Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez

     The most worrisome detail in this ménage a communiste might be de Blasio’s relationship with ACORN, the disgraced grassroots organization alleged to have committed voter fraud. Some of de Blasio’s top campaign members came directly from ACORN, and his top advisers during his time as public advocate were either top organizers at ACORN or leaders within the Working Families Party, with whom ACORN keeps close ties.

    During his campaign, and since his election, DeBlasio’s anti-police sentiments have been made clear, even before cameras, putting foot-in-mouth following the tragic death of Eric Garner, claiming – basically – police are inherently racist.  Never mind that the NYPD cops are a majority of black officers. Never mind that the Eric Garner death clearly had nothing to do with systemic racism or profiling. 

     New York City has seen near-miraculous reductions in violent crime in all five boroughs during the 16-year mayoral reigns of Guilliani and Bloomberg. In 1990, the city racked up 2,245 homicides. Since, the murder rates have plummeted, with as few as 419 in 2012. Much of that success is attributed, not only to the mayors, but the Commissioners of Police who were anointed with the powers of stop and frisk and other effective policing methods to keep the streets safe. During his campaign, Mr. DeBlasio promised to put a halt to such policies.

     Why fix something that’s not broken?  Less murders means less victims of crime.  New York’s drop is over 80 percent. That equates to more lives saved, less fear in the streets and less violent crime in general.

     The losers of the DeBlasio edict will be the citizens of New York City, who are the victims of violent crime. The winners will be the anarchists and felons who are emboldened with an ally in the mayor’s office. Former Police Commissioners Ray Kelly and Bernard Keric, along with former Mayor Guiliani and Governor Pataki, have been harshly critical of DeBlasio’s attitude toward police. See link,

     DeBlasio received nearly 100 percent support by the New York City Muslim community after he promised to put a halt to any police surveillances of Islamic organizations and mosques. Never mind, that 99 percent of terrorism, and the threat thereof, is rooted in Islamic bases, including some mosques. Of course, not all Muslims are terrorists, but just about all terrorists are Muslims, and many have been documented as frequenters of local mosques, where radical ideologies are professed. Hancuffing the police is a blessing to terrorist plotters and a danger to law abiding citizens.

     The question is, whose side is he on? 

     If we are to preserve the union, voters must begin vetting their candidates beyond slogans and photo ops.

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