A few brief comments on the latest headline news – plus one:

 1    Obama normalizing relations with Cuba.

 This is one of those rare occasions I will side with Obama. We originally imposed the embargo because Cuba was a communist country and a satellite of the USSR. More than fifty years have passed. The USSR no longer exists, Cuba is not a satellite to any nation and we engage in trade with a number of communist nations like China and Viet Nam. Maintaining the embargo seems hypocritical. Resuming tourism and trade with Cuba would be a good thing for America and for the Cuban people. Canadians travel to Cuba as a regular vacation destination.

 2    Mass demonstrations against police brutality throughout the nation.

 It’s all manufactured by anarchists who know the art of mobilizing Anti-police, Anti-American people who don’t know what they are really protesting against, repeating phrases and gestures that are taught to them like school children. One day, the anarchists might find a valid case of police brutality to protest, but these two cases are not valid.

 3     Jeb Bush throws his hat in the ring.

 Biggest hurdle: He’s qualified, but his name is Bush. That’s a presage for losing. The Republicans will have to do better looking to the future, not the past.

 4     Race relations in America

 It’s like being back in the 1960’s. Actually, it’s worse. The majority of black mothers and fathers were married in the 1960’s and raised their kids in a family. Now it’s about milking the welfare systems. Relations have gone downhill since the election of Barack Obama who has done nothing to improve living conditions for American-Americans, nor to address pervasive black on black violence, nor to unite black families.

 5     International relations

 Absolutely more dangerous during the Obama years. Nowhere has it improved, including the mid-east, Egypt, Africa, Israel, Russia, China, Pakistan, and etc.

 6     Immigration

 Obama’s actions have been like that of a dictator, which the constitution was designed to prevent. The executive action providing amnesty, in my opinion, is mainly designed to beef up the left wing voting bloc over the next decade. It has nothing to do with humanitarianism, it’s all politics.

 7     Release of the so-called “CIA Torture” report by the Senate democrats.

 Serves no salient purpose other than to divide the nation and weaken our country in the eyes of our enemies and our allies. The issue is old history, having been investigated by numerous committees from both sides of the aisle, which found that our agents broke no laws and did, in fact, save lives and gain vital intelligence. The timing of this so-called “release” smells of partisan politics as the republicans and the agents working in the CIA operations were not consulted in forming this report.

 8     Radical Muslim cleric terrorizes hostages in Sidney, Australia, three dead

 News sources call this “Lone Wolf” activity. That doesn’t wash the facts that all “Lone Wolves” are under the umbrella of radical Islam, regardless of al Qaeda or ISIS connections. Look for more and more of these acts of terror throughout the world, and in the United States, as the terror activists see that our nation is weakening ever more, year by year, day by day.

 9    Terrorist attacks leave 141 dead, mostly children, in a Pakistan school.

 Barbarism knows no limits. Supposedly, this attack was carried out as a demonstration against the military, who runs and operates the school. All victims were Muslim. All perpetrators were Muslim/Taliban. While the Afghan Taliban “condemned” the attack, verbal condemnation – anywhere – is just that: Verbal. It’s meaningless unless, and until, civilized Muslim cultures start taking action against Islamic militants, which number in the multi-millions around the world, including the U.S.

 10     Death penalty of 14 Year old boy set aside by judge 

A little late; the murders happened in 1944. This week, a South Carolina judge threw out a murder conviction of a 14 year-old boy who was so small, he had to sit on a phone book in the electric chair. In a 2009 affidavit, the boy’s sister testified that George Stinney Jr. had been with her all day, they same day that the two white girls were found beaten to death. Police testified he verbally confesssed, which he denied. The all white jury took ten minutes to reach a verdict. He was executed three months later, no appeal. 

 Click here: Exonerated After Execution: Judge Tosses Teen’s Murder Conviction – NBC