In January of this year, four black gang members were charged with the kidnapping, car-jacking, robbery and murder of a Waynesboro, Virginia police captain, who happened to be white. Anyone hear about that?

     In August of this year, a black Jihadist gunned down a 19 year-old teenage honor student in West Orange, New Jersey, who happened to be white.

     In 2013, two black kids in Spokane bludgeoned to death an 88 year-old decorated veteran of World War II.

     Or how about the 13 month-old toddler that was shot in the face and killed in its stroller by two black teens in Brunswick, Ga.

     If you haven’t figured the message, it’s all about hypocrisy.

     Blacks can be racists too.

     Frankly Speaking, every element in this on-going fiasco is nauseating, each feeding like hungry animals in the trough. Media, politicians, race-baiters, and phony protesters playing their assigned roles as directed.

     After eighteen year-old Michael Brown was shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, on August, 9th, media kept repeating terms like “unarmed teen” and “demands for justice” until the race-baiters jumped on board to take advantage of a worthwhile outrage. Al Sharpton (who else) arrived into town mouthing words about “peaceful demonstrations” knowing full well that the outcome would be just the opposite.

     Before the District Attorney could initiate a comprehensive investigation, the Missouri governor, Jay Nixon, publicly opined that a “vigorous prosecution was needed,” declaring, de facto, that Officer Darren Wilson had committed a crime. Mr. Nixon was playing to political emotions without examining one iota of evidence.

     My Dade County police career spanned 30 years, and no less than four race riots. The infamous McDuffie case in 1980 had the community on edge for six months until the acquittals of five officers sparked community uprisings which ended the lives of 18 innocent Americans while burning their own minority neighborhoods into ashes.

     In Miami, the cops were clearly wrong. Not so in Ferguson. There was no clear evidence of guilt, any more than with George Zimmerman in 2012. But rabble-rousers couldn’t pass up an opportunity to embark on a well-planned mob spree of destroying property at will, while handcuffed cops looked on and the National Guard was held far enough away to make no difference.

     Dozens of major felony crimes were openly committed in the presence of law enforcement who were restrained by politicians from doing their job and protecting citizens. Cops watched powerless as their police cars were burned. The crazies are literally running the asylum.

     This was a replay of an old story; only worse; same rhetoric, same marches, same threats and race baiters scoring points. The riots were predictable as though demonstrators were actors playing roles, following cue cards, guided by the likes of the Sharptonites. Repeated demands for “justice” are a gross misnomer. Instead, they are demands for vengeance, nothing else. Demanding “justice” is a search for truth. Hate mongers have no interest in truth. Demonstrators claimed anger, but in fact, they were scripted. Violence was as spontaneous as the sun rising. Protesters followed the lead of leaders from outside the community.

     The losers in this tragedy are the decent citizens and merchants of Ferguson, Missouri. Rioters made sure they destroyed property of citizens who had nothing to do with the death of Michael Brown. The same happened in Miami, in Watts, after the Rodney King fiasco, and more. It’s like watching three versions of the same movie.

     The District Attorney’s address to the press on November 25th, explaining why no charges could be filed against Officer Wilson, omitted any mention that the “unarmed teen” who initiated the attack on the officer was monstrous as any pro football linebacker, standing six-foot four, weighing nearly 300 pounds. Young Michael was armed with enough size and power that Officer Wilson was justified in his fears, the same as you and I would be.

    In the last 20 years, 3000 police officers have not come home from work, killed on duty in a job protecting Americans. Many times, I’ve seen my fellow officers lying in pools of blood, slaughtered for no reason other than wearing the uniform. The violence knows no color. White and black cops are killed by white and black suspects. Statistical ratios are uneven because a disproportionate number of blacks are involved in violence, generally.  

     Meanwhile, two days after the Ferguson shooting, a black officer in Utah shot and killed an unarmed white man, 20 years old. Outside that state, the media remained mute. No outcry. No racism. No Eric Holder or Barack Obama. No Al Sharpton.

     It’s time we stop and face the politically incorrect truth. Michael Brown brought on his own demise. He acted like a thug in the convenience store and then continued his thuggery by unlawfully assaulting a police officer. Both are felonies. Race baiters would do better to save their scripts for more valid cases of racism.

     Lost in all the midst, is the tragic impact on the life of Officer Darren Wilson, a decent, decorated public servant with an impeccable record, whose future will be forever and wrongfully altered as a marked man, all because he defended himself when a giant suddenly sucker-punched him through a police car window while trying to grab his gun. And, now he’s the one who is vilified?

     We’re all sad for the family of Michael Brown. But I am equally as sad for Darren Wilson, who doesn’t deserve the engineered hatred which has impaled a target on his back.    

     (Meanwhile, don’t you wonder what other important news items were obscured and off the radar during this past week?)

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