Here’s a brief perspective on all the early possible candidates for 2016 in the Republican side.


Gov. Mitt Romney

     Outstanding choice, outstanding human being and reeks of competency. But he lost. He’s had his shot, and should move on, or eventually accept a position in the new cabinet. Adlai Stevenson was a good man who tried twice, and it just doesn’t work. 

Sen. Ted Cruz

     Moot issue. A waste of anyone’s interest because he is ineligible.  Republicans and Obama critics in general made a huge issue about Obama being born outside the U.S.  It would not only be hypocritical for him to run, the democrats would have a field day because Cruz was born in Canada. That’s life.

Gov. Jeb Bush

     He may be a good guy, but it doesn’t matter. Too many folks are bushed from the Bushes.  Time to move on to new names, new families, new thinking.    

Gov. Chris Christie

     One of the more prominent front runners because he’s tough and effective. But he’s not beautiful and can be overly gruff with people.  People might like his hard honesty.

Sen. Rand Paul

     Smart, young and full of logic and ideas on the domestic front. But does he have a handle on the foreign problems?  He’ll probably join with Christie among front runners but I don’t think he can win.

Dr. Ben Carson

     Great guy, smart, and black besides. But he’s untested in the political waters with no experience in the government process.  Though likeable, I don’t see his chances moving forward.

Speaker Newt Gingrich

      One of the most savvy in the bunch, with lots of experience in government working with both sides of the aisle. I think he would be an effective president. But he lacks charisma, a deadly sin in modern times.

Gov. Mike Huckabee

      Likeable, smart, honest, experienced, conservative appeal and tons of exposure from his TV show. I think he would be a very good president. But he would have to overcome the rash of demonizing he’d get from the left, labeling him a religious nut.

Gov. Susana Martinez

     New Mexico governor with an excellent record. The only viable female in party circles who would stand a chance. I see her as a likely VP candidatebased on her record, gender and Hispanic heritage.

Sen. Marco Rubio

     The obvious is that Rubio would draw Hispanic appeal, but more from the Cuban community than the Mexicans where the immigration problems lie.  Rubio is smart, handsome and charismatic.  Another probable front runner.

Gov. Scott Walker

     Not a front runner because he’s not a national figure as much as Rubio, Huckabee or Christie. But he’s established an effective record in a complex state, overcoming hard challenges and showing that his conservative style brings results to the state economy. He’s a doer, and people like that. I see him moving up to front status as the campaign rolls along. Also a good looking man with charismatic appeal.

Gov. John Kasich

     Ditto from the Scott walker comments, another doer, very effective governor, a model for state governing. Good speaker, smart man, not as handsome as Walker. But he could move up too.

Gov. Rick Perry

     Had his shot four years ago with too many gaffs that will be held against him. His excellent record as an effective governor won’t matter.

Sen. Rick Santorum

     He’s no longer an effective national figure and will fizzle out fast if he throws his hat in the ring.

Cong. Paul Ryan

     Ryan would be an excellent president, particularly on the domestic front. Very savvy when it comes to budget, economy and social issues, but he’s not a great speaker.  I don’t see him a serious challenge.

Gov. Sarah Palin

     Forget about it. She’s dead meat. Her views, her record and her appeal is not enough to move her forward. The democrats have successfully demonized her out of contention.

Cong. Allen West

     Great man. Not enough government service outside the military. His savvy on the international front would be a tremendous asset in the White House, and he would surround himself with true Americans on the domestic front.  West would make a great president, but is he too rigid? Taciturn? Certainly an asset among the black conservative ranks.

Cong. Trey Gowdy

     Could be a game changer, one of those surprises that suddenly emerges from the back of the pack. People love his direct, no-nonsense, style and in-your-face when it comes to law breakers and corruption. Look for Gowdy to rise to national prominence, especially if results come from his Benghazi investigation.

Donald Trump

     Always interested in what he has to say, though his chances of being a president is nil to none.

Gov. Bobby Jindal

     Likeable, but hasn’t got “it.” Wouldn’t be surprised if a nominee chose him for VP on the ticket.

Amb. John Bolton

     An outstanding choice for Secretary of State, but he’d never make it to the presidency.

Secr. Condoleezza Rice

     Utterly brilliant. Probably one of the most qualified persons in the Republican ranks to be president. Besides that, she’s black and female. Should be a winner, if she throws her hat in the ring. But, she has one problem which will weight her down like Watergate weighted Nixon:  Iraq. Rice is seen as one of the architects of the Iraq war, which the democrats will use to render her political demise.

     If it were a perfect world, my dream team would be:

     Scott Walker/Condi Rice

     I’m not holding my breath.

     Other honorable mentions, who don’t stand a chance:

     Gov. Jan Brewer

     Sen. Scott Brown

     Cong. Marsha Blackburn

     Sen. Bob Corker

     Sen. Lindsey Graham

 We’ll see how this all plays out eighteen months from now.

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