It’s time we stop excusing thuggery.

     It would seem that most parents of the inner cities don’t teach growing kids to respect authority and the rules of law. Both are necessary to an orderly society. If Michael Brown had grown up being praised for good behavior and disciplined for thuggery, he would probably be alive today.

     The deaths of Trayvon Martin (2012) and Michael Brown (2014) would never have happened if not for blatant disregard for the law and the people who we entrust to protect. While the media focus is entirely on the allegations that George Zimmerman (2012) and Officer Darren Wilson (2014) committed acts of racist violence toward “children,” we hear little discussion about their actual behavior.

     Trayvon Martin was a seventeen year-old Miami resident who was suspended from school for two weeks for having marijuana in his book bag, not to mention unexplained female jewelry and a burglar tool. He’d also been suspended on previous occasions for truancy and graffiti.

     During his suspension, Martin was sent to his father’s home in Sanford, Florida, who lived in a modest gated development with a history of break-ins. George Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch coordinator whose job it was to report crimes and any suspicious behavior to the police. That’s what happened on the night of February 26, 2012, when Zimmerman spotted a suspicious male walking in the darkness wearing a hoodie. When Zimmerman called the police, the dispatcher suggested that he back off until the police arrived. Nevertheless, Zimmerman kept the suspicious man in sight, and upon leaving his vehicle was suddenly confronted by an angry Trayvon Martin, who said, “You got a problem with me?”

     Now startled, Zimmerman stopped and replied, “No.”

     According to Zimmerman, Trayvon said, “Now you do.” Martin delivered a hard fist – a sucker punch – into Zimmerman’s face, knocking him to the ground. That was an act of aggression and violence.

     Trayvon Martin then sat atop Zimmerman pummeling him until the watchman was able to retrieve his gun and fire one shot. Trayvon Martin died. George Zimmerman survived, though his head was bleeding front and back from several wounds.

     Here’s the wrap:

  • Trayvon Martin was 6’2” and an athletic football player. Zimmerman was 5’8” and unmatched to Martin’s power.
  • Trayvon Martin only had to walk two more houses to reach his house and ignore Zimmerman.
  • Even though Zimmerman continued to follow, he committed no crime. He merely kept Martin in sight.
  • Trayvon Martin initiated the act of thuggery by beating Zimmerman.

     Despite all this, George Zimmerman was vilified in the media and the black community as a racist. The Jacksonville State Attorney filed charges against Zimmerman to appease the black power bloc, knowing it was a losing case and that Zimmerman only acted in self defense.

     Along comes 18 year-0ld Michael Brown, on August 9th, 2014. Brown physically bullied a store merchant while stealing (a felony, strong-arm robbery) and was then confronted by a patrolling police officer who only told him and his friend to stop walking in the middle of the street, as a police officer should do. Brown’s response was a surprise physical attack on the cop through the car window, sucker-punching the cop in the face and then going for his firearm.

     These are not the actions of a poor, innocent, teenage black child.

     Michael Brown had now committed two felonies, including an attack on the officer, to which the officer gave chase (a lawful action) and demanded, at gunpoint, that Brown lay on the ground. Instead, Brown charged the cop, twice. The “boy” was almost 6’5” and weighed 300 pounds. The cop fired his gun in self defense.

     All the shoulda coulda scenarios are great for the sofa judges, but when you’re not in that insta-moment, no one can say exactly what they would have done different. The bottom line is that Michael Brown brought about the end result by his own actions. He acted like a thug, committing two violent felonies within minutes of each other, conceivably to impress his little friend. Nevertheless, this had nothing to do with racism.

     No one wants to hear about poor kids who are killed.  But the cold, hard facts cannot be denied.

  •     Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin broke laws and violently assaulted guardians of the community acting like thugs.
  •      The guardians of the community acted lawfully while executing their responsibilities.
  •      Both decedents brought about their own demise.
  •      Neither were acts of racism. Not even close.
  •      Zimmerman and Wilson are relegated to live in hiding, though innocent of any crime.
  •      Race baiters rule. Just ask the merchants of Ferguson, Missouri.

       If people would back away and view the entire fiasco from aside, the shootings, the players, the media, the politicians and the race baiters, one thing comes clear: Bad guys are the good guys; good guys are the bad guys. 

There’s something wrong with that.