“I am not on the ballot this fall.  Michelle’s pretty happy about that.  But make no mistake: these policies are on the ballot.  Every single one of them.” 

                                                  —    President Barack Obama, October 2, 2014

    The next question is: Now that the majority of voters have clearly expressed their disapproval of your policies, Mr. President, what are you going to do about it?

     I suspect Mr. Obama is so marinated in power and self-love, he will continue to lead by executive mandate and do what he can to disregard the will of the people. He has a mission, and this election is a stumbling block in that mission.  His words:

     “The fundamental transformation of America.”

     I’ve listened to an array of analyses about the outcome of this election and why the republicans did so well against the once-popular president. Most pundits point to the economy, how the $18 trillion debt continues to pile up untethered, though, in 2008, this president accused George W. Bush of being “unpatriotic” for allowing the debt to increase $5 trillion under his watch. If a $5 trillion increase is unpatriotic, how unpatriotic is a $8 trillion increase which has accrued on Obama’s watch?

     By every measure possible, blacks are no better off today than the day he took office. He injects the race card into local happenings which should only be dealt with by the justice system.  Immigration is unchecked, with hundreds of thousands of children virtually invited to come to this country as illegals, with guaranteed protections. But these are not the real reason republicans won so many seats this election.

     People have been told that this is has been a do-nothing, republican-controlled congress. But those people are unaware that the House of Representatives has passed over 350 bills which were sent to the senate for debate and votes. But that didn’t happen. The overwhelming majority of congressional bills that reached Sen. Harry Reid have gone no further than his desk. No debate. No vote. Reid has been the president’s protective moat. Nothing gets by him. The president hasn’t vetoed bills because hardly any reached his desk. Senator Reid has blocked the votes and then falsely blamed the republican led congress for doing nothing. But that’s not the real reason the republicans did so well.

     Neither is it about the IRS or VA scandals, or the Benghazi cover-up fiasco, or the abysmal Obamacare roll-out and the lost jobs that have resulted from businesses being required to insure employees who work over 40 hours a week. So much for full-time jobs.  Some people are disillusioned with the community organizer-turned president for those things, and many more.  But that’s not the real reason for the major shift in congressional power.

     Of course, no one likes the idea that a president can be so glib and unfeeling, that he would make a prepared statement to the press about an American journalist being beheaded on television by radical Islamists, then tee off on the golf course 8 minutes later. Neither do the people appreciate releasing five of the deadliest terrorists on earth from custody – back to the world of killing Americans – all for the political release of an American prisoner who only became a prisoner because he deserted his assignment in a war zone, putting his fellow soldiers at risk.

     Well…maybe these last few items are part of the reason.  You see, I think Mr. Obama has become so comfortable in his role as president that he feels invulnerable.  And the American people are beginning to truly see that.  People are beginning to see through, and they don’t like what’s behind that mask.

     Much of his downfall stems for the disastrous policies on the foreign stage.  People see a man determined – from the very beginning of his presidency—to support a radical Islamic agenda while doing all he can to present an appearance otherwise. The Islamic world today, particularly in the middle-east, is far worse, and far more dangerous for freedom-loving people of the planet, than it was when he took office. Mr. Obama has done everything he could to provide support for the actions and motives of the Muslim Brotherhood, here and abroad, which has led to the crises we are seeing today.

     The brash pull-out of any and all American troops from Iraq – which was not only unnecessary, it was dangerous – virtually opened the door for al Qaeda and ISIS to move in to fill the void. It’s hard to conceive that he didn’t know all this, and wasn’t fully apprised of the risks by his upper military command, that Iraq would fall if we didn’t stay. It’s hard to conceive that he didn’t know that al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood would take over Libya, Tunisia and Egypt once the administration supported regime changes in those nations.

     People see this. They see the reality of ISIS and what they do to non-Muslims, and decent Muslims who do not conform to their barbaric ideology.  People know that the secular Egyptian people are eager to join with the western world in peace, which is why 30 million Egyptians took to the streets to oust Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood which was SUPPORTED BY BARACK OBAMA.

     The bottom line:  If this president supports the Muslim Brotherhood, then he cannot support the United States. That’s like saying you support Jews and support Hitler at the same time.

     People see how inept this president is when dealing with the Russian despot. They see that eastern Europe is now weaker than ever, due to policies enacted by this president.  They see that Iran is continuing to march toward a nuclear bomb. They see that Israel is under constant bombardment by Hamas (which was fostered by the Muslim Brotherhood), while this president shows contempt for the leader of Israel. And how many times has the “Christian” president denounced the Christian genocide that is happening in so many Islamic territories.

     Where is the American Army in African countries, where hundreds of women have been raped, kidnapped and brought into slavery?  Why hasn’t our country joined with France and England in temporarily barring routine commercial flights from countries stricken with Ebola?

     This can be a very long article, but I think we see the point. A lot of folks voted against Barack Obama this past Tuesday, not necessarily for the republican party. They voted to strip him of as much power as possible for the next two years, and the only way to do that was to vote for a majority senate and the elimination of the worse senate majority leader in the history of the United States, Harry Reid.

     Now it’s time for the republicans to seize this chance for two years to produce positive results and stand up to this president, who is an overt danger to the United States…not yet fully transformed, thank goodness.

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