The camel’s nose is under the tent. We should all be outraged.

As for me, I am definitely prejudiced as well as Islamophobic.  All freedom-loving Americans have cause to be Islamophobic. There is nothing to be ashamed of. These people scare the hell out of me, not just for myself, but for my family, my descendants, my country and the free world.

Such prejudice and fears are well deserved.  There are multi-millions who feel the same, but do not speak out for fear of being labeled “intolerant.”  Well, consider this writer intolerant.

Political correctness is the tool our enemies use, which the media enforces, to keep us all numb from what is bringing down this wonderful country.  The Muslim Brotherhood has gone on record, through their own documents, that their intent is to destroy the United States from within. That’s a fact.  (see link, below)  Our relationship with Islam is far worse today than it was when this president took office. Nothing is going better on the international front. It’s all much more dangerous today than it was on 2008.

Meanwhile, our congress invites an Islamic Imam to perform the invocation within the hallowed halls of our Capitol, while Islamists are killing Americans and other innocent people, all over the world.  Another grisly beheading of an American citizen has just been aired for the world to see which will become a non-news item in a few days. ISIS — which is purely Islamic — is torturing, beheading, murdering, raping and enslaving anyone in their path who is not with them in the march toward conquest. When don’t we get it?

Every time acts of deadly terror are committed, the perpetrators scream “Allahu Akbar,” in praise of Allah. These murderers are reponsible for multi thousands of innocent dead people around the world, every year. And, now we hear the same Allah praised in our own capitol? 

Please do not tell me it’s just a religion, and how other religi0ns abused people throughout history.  This is about today, not 632 or 1492.  Islam is a political ideology which uses religion as the dogma by which to advance conquest.  

I don’t care if there are peaceful Muslims in the world. I do care that those peaceful Muslims are not outraged by the mass murders and random killings by people of their own religion, in the name of their religion.

It would smell better if an Imam came to the Capitol and — as part of his invocation — openly denounced and condemned the horrors that brutal Muslims in scores of countries impose upon innocent people, in the name of their God. I want to hear an Imam denigrate Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qeada, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood and Boco Haram, and every other Islamic murder organization on earth, before being welcomed into my government’s chamber of representatives who are elected by us.

Check it out:

Origin of “Camel’s Nose…”
Google “Muslim Brotherhood Strategic Goals for North America” and you will find several copies of the document that specifies the strategy for conquest of America. Sadly, they are succeeding.