Usually, at this time of year, the best movies are released in advance of the Oscars.  So, far it’s been a dull movie season although Fury was more than fair and Interstellar an utter bore.

     Then along comes a surprise. St. Vincent is what movies are supposed to be about; drama, emotions, human struggle interspersed just enough with a few comic scenes. It’s a movie that will leave you talking about during the dinner after, or among other movie lovers searching for a decent story devoid of the constant barrages of the “F” word, gratuitous violence, car chases and sex.

     Ironically, the two major stars are best known as comedians, playing dramatic roles as good as any DeNiro or Redgrave. Bill Murray plays an anti-social, rude old grouch whose world is embittered with loss and the absence of love. Mellissa McCarthy plays a frumpy, soon-to-be-single mom of a 12 year-old boy seeking asylum from a cheating ex-husband, and moves next door to Murray. She works overtime to care for her and her child, only to face unwanted confrontations with the old grouch next door. Things don’t go well at first. But that all changes as Murray’s character develops an unexpected relationship with the kid, played by a wonderful young actor, Jaeden Lieberher, who we are sure to see more of in the future.

     Add to the story, Naomi Watts who deftly plays a pregnant, Russian hooker so well, I suspect she’ll get a nomination for best Supporting Actress.

     That’s enough revealing. Watch it to the end.

     The movie will draw a bundle of emotions from feeling people who love to immerse themselves in a heartfelt story line, accented by outstanding actors.

     I give it 8 ½  out of 10.

        Click here: St. Vincent (2014) – IMDb