Israel is never free from attacks by Hamas, PLO, Hezbollah, … they are surrounded by cultures and countries that- for 66 years —  openly vow they will not be satisfied until Israel is utterly destroyed. Nevertheless, Israel is unnecessarily torn in the middle by the Obama administration who pressure and ridicule Netanyahu, as though he’s the bad guy…while Jihadi rockets continue to explode in their towns and streets.

     It is a sad time, indeed, for we have never had worse relations with our Israeli allies since it became a country in 1948, than we do now.  I’ve always said, and nothing has shown me any different, that Barack Obama plays both sides, but his heart on the side of the Islamists. 

     This is the reason that I encourage everyone to vote straight down the line Republican this election, no matter the candidate, to pull the rug out from his power base, and prevent him from acting as dictator for his lame duck two years. He relies on support from state governors and senators, and congressmen to carry out his long range mission…in his words…”the fundamental transformation of America.”  Let’s not give it to him.

     Remember, nothing is better today in the world stage, than when Obama took office, particularly in the Islamist blocs. When we leave Afghanistan, the same thing will happen as has happened in Iraq, which should never have been totally abandoned by American forces. The saving grace is that Egypt rose up when the people saw they were being forced under the yoke of Shariah by Muslim Brotherhood rule  — which Obama and Hillary Clinton supported.  Let that sink in folks — Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton adamantly supported the Muslim Brotherhood. The people of Egypt rose up in defiance, with banners and signs all over the nation denoting Obama and Hillary as sympathizers with terrorists.  That’s the truth.

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    Notice how we have not heard much from the administration since Morsi was deposed by the people of Egypt?  Our attention is being diverted from one of the administration’s most embarrassing (and revealing) mistakes.

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