I am a bigot. I’m an Islamophobe. I’m un-American because I reject outside cultures that hate America yet use American laws and rights for furthering an anti-American agenda. Yes, I’m the bad guy here.

     The following is but a sampling of what is happening in this country, and on the increase. Recent examples of “moderate” and “peaceful” Muslims in America.

     July  2014:  Miami, Florida.  “Moderate” Muslims demonstrate in support of Hamas.  Watch the video:

     Click here: Miami HAMAS ATTACKS Jewish Reporter! – YouTube

     September 2014, New York City, Muslim Day Parade. Including floats showing caged women, a hanged woman, (mannequin) simulated AK 47 and other machine guns, and hatred toward Egypt’s government for rejecting the Muslim Brotherhood.  More “moderate” and “peaceful” Muslims on display.  See photos and watch videos below:

     Click here: Muslim Day Parade in NYC with Hanged and Caged Women! – Eagle Rising

     Click here: ‘Graphic’ Muslim Day Parade displays confuse some in NYC | The FRANCE 24 Observers

     July  2014.  Los Angeles and Boston.  Pro-Israel (peaceful) demonstrations are met with violence by assaults on demonstrators by Muslims.

     Click here: ‘Graphic’ Muslim Day Parade displays confuse some in NYC | The FRANCE 24 Observers

     June 2012, Dearborn, Mi.  Christians are assaulted by Muslims during a pro-Muslim demonstration. See video:

     Click here: American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI (Original edit) – YouTube

     August 2014, at the White House. 10,000 Pro-Hamas demonstrators ( i.e. pro-terror) in front of our White House, attack a U.S. Marine who confronts the protestors.

     Click here: Pro-Hamas Protesters Attack Marine in Front of White House | FrontPage Magazine

     Ft. Lauderdale, 2009:     

     This could have been a very long article. But you get the picture.

   Yes, I know there are truly moderate and peaceful Muslims in America.