The upcoming mid-term election is far more crucial than people realize, and not for the usual reasons.

     While the media and the electorate in general, focus on governors, congressmen, senators, and local races tied to party lines, there is a bigger issue at stake which we should all consider. It’s more important than any personality or single candidate’s qualifications.

     I am a registered Independent because I have serious concern with the integrity of both major political parties. In a few words: They are all corrupt, by necessity. Groveling for big money translates to quid pro quo. Politicians on all sides of the aisle do not always make the right decisions for America, they make the right decisions to feather their political nest. That’s the American way.

     But this is one election I will be voting Republican across the board, even if I must hold my nose. Not because I love the party, but because it is crucial in preventing a dictatorship in the White House for the next two years.

     The only element that can stem the power of this lame duck president, who will no longer be answerable to the American people, is to strip his power base so that the executive branch can be reined in for the next two years.

     Mr. Obama has demonstrated over and again his determination to “fundamentally transform America” as promised in his first election campaign. The question is: Just how much does America need fundamental transformation? With all its flaws, I kinda like America. Yes, our country has always had issues which require attention, new laws, protection of rights, national security and so forth. But Mr. Obama has not only kept his promise, he has delved into dangerous overreach.

     The list of examples borders on endless. On the international stage, everywhere we look, the world is less safe. The middle-east is in chaos. Radical Islam is stronger and bolder than ever as terrorists openly terrorize and murder innocent people on video cameras as if to show the world how impotent America has become. The situation with Russia has shown our weakness, while Iran remains a nuclear threat like North Korea.

     Security at the border with Mexico has worked like a broken sieve, allowing a flow of hundreds of thousands poor and indigent aliens into our nation to feed off our entitlement systems or to commit crimes, while dangerous enemy combatants ride piggy back through the same sieve. It could be fixed, but that’s not happening. In truth, these refugees represent future supporters of single-party system.

     Syrian refugees are now coming into the United States by the multi-thousands, bolstering the Islamic population and undoubtedly introducing their fair share of anti-American sentiments. The Keystone pipeline, which would give our nation independence from foreign enemies, is at our fingertips, but quashed by this administration without good reason. And, nobody has taken notice that the Nobel Peace Prize winner has been anything but peaceful, as he and his state department openly supported the Muslim Brotherhood in the first Egyptian uprising.

     Why would an American president provide support to a parent organization that has spawned terrorist groups here and abroad, and who oversees more than thirty Islamic organizations that strive toward the ultimate overthrow of our way of life? And, that is documented by the Brotherhood’s own pen, as introduced into federal court in 2007’s Holy Land Foundation trial.

     Mr. Obama has two years left in office, according to the constitution.  Unless he outwardly commits an indisputable high crime or misdemeanor, he will never be removed from office. No congressman or senator in his right mind would dare even suggest impeaching the first black president.

     The next best thing is to diminish the power of the Obama presidency by electing a full slate of Republicans in the house and senate who can keep his power in check. The president also looks toward state politicians, including governors, to help advance and support the policies of the president.  

     Normally, we should not want to see a one-party rule in America. The counter-balance is needed so that we never suffer from a run-away government power.  The situation with Barack Obama changes all that, for the time being. That’s why I urge all Americans, no matter the office, elect Republicans in local state, and most especially, national elections this coming November 4th. The fundamental transformation America will shift into high gear his last two years if he has the backing of congress and state government leaders.

     I plead with voters:  Leave single-issues aside for one election and look at the bigger picture. Once the president basically becomes a full-blown dictator, it will be too late to reverse. 

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