In case you haven’t seen it, there is a new pro-feminism video out to promote the selling of tee shirts which decry unequal pay for women and to discourage the crime of rape. Worthwhile causes, indeed. However, four little girls – ages 7 – 9, are used  ( virtually “used”) to carry the message forward with horrific, profane dialogue which includes the “F” word repeatedly (and others).  Just two minutes…Please watch:

Click here: Little Girls Swear Like Truck Drivers To Make A Point About Sexism

The producer is a male person (I assume) named Mike Kon.  In case Mr. Kon’s IQ is somewhere below Neanderthal levels, I have a simple message which he probably won’t understand. Hey Mike:  I have free speech rights too.  Here’s something you might not know. The word F–K means jamming a penis into a vagina for sex gratification. Is this what you wanted these little girls to convey to adult people in your video? If so, please check into the nearest mental institution and seek aid, so we can protect our little kids from people like you. Yes, rape is bad. Very bad. So is raping the moral character of children. So is raping their innocent minds.

I am no prude. The “F” word is a regular part of American lexicon profanity. But we still try to maintain some standards to protect kids from participating in moral filth and depravity. When I hear a seven year-old girl using “F” and other profane words, over and over, it tells me that some adults out there think very little of them. The message is far obscured by the messengers.

The producer is trying to sell tee shirts, but it doing so, he’s violating his own precepts by debasing young females into acts of verbal depravity not only to carry a feminist message, but to make sales at the expense of child profanity. He may not have broken a specific law and he is entitled to free speech, but there are limits, just like there are limits to using the “N” word when publically referring to black people. Here’s the company web page:

Here is their contact information: P.O. Box 8101, Columbus, Ohio, 43215, Ph: 614-600-3254.  E-mail:  Let’s hope their received lots of contacts from all of us. 

One wonders how many times and hours these kids had to practice this routine.  These girls know nothing about laws regarding employment, sexism, equality and inequality. They are simply injected with political propaganda … like a heroin needle in their head…by a child abuser in order to convey a political message.

Mr. Kon deserves, at the least, a class action law suit by outraged parents in the state where this was produced. At best, he should be jailed, but we lack laws to protect kids in this way.

The parents who obviously had to approve and sign-off on allowing their babies to be manipulated and corrupted are equally guilty of horrific parental abuse, and should be questioned and summarily challenged by child protection and welfare organizations. What are we waiting for?

And, perhaps we need to start passing stricter laws toward protecting children from this kind of defacto verbal abuse.

Mike Kon, the producer of this piece of trash is a child-exploiter.We know little else about him.  Here was his quote in that Huffington Post article: 

The video’s producer, Mike Kon, defended the provocative strategy, telling AdWeek: “Some adults may be uncomfortable with how these little girls are using a bad wordfor a good cause. It is shocking what they are saying, but … the big statistic that one out of five women are sexually assaulted or raped is something society seems to find less offensive than a little four-letter word.”

 Perhaps Mr. Kon would like to hear from some of my readers. Perhaps the District Attorney would like to hear from readers as well, or perhaps, the NY Times and Washingont Post, CNN and MSNBC.  

When Kuwait was invaded by Saddam Hussein, G.H.W. Bush said, “This will not stand.” This too, is an invasion of our children’s innocence in the name of partisan politics, and it should not stand. It’s only us … who can make a difference.