In 1955, Rosa Parks became a national icon figure for the civil rights movement when she refused to move to the back of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. In that single moment, she galvanized the plight of black people into a cause for abolishing segregation.  A statue of Ms. Parks is now installed in the halls of the nation’s capitol. A woman to be admired, indeed.

Fast forward nearly 60 years. As we define bravery, we should turn to Meriam Ibrahim, a Sudanese woman who married an American and refused to renounce her Christian faith to a repressive government. Because her father had been a Muslim, the government determined she was a Muslim, and for marrying a Christian man, she was guilty of adultery, sentenced to be lashed one-hundred times and then hung by the neck until dead for her “crimes.” This is the Islam we hear little about, because it’s not called “terror.”

While Rosa Parks displayed courage for her actions of 1955 in Montgomery, Ms. Ibrahim’s actions should qualify her for sainthood in 2014.

That’s not the whole story. Ms. Ibrahim was jailed and chained to the floor for six months awaiting her fate while tending to her 20 month-old child who remained in the cell with her. There’s more.  Ms. Ibrahim was pregnant during this period and had to give birth to her new baby while her legs were manacled. All along, she refused to renounce her Christian faith despite the fate that awaited her.

The story went viral, driven to national awareness thanks to Megyn Kelly of Fox News. It brought the dastardly Islamic  government into international disgrace thereby forcing their hand to release the woman to be reunited with her husband. While she suffered in jail, her husband pleaded with our government to intercede. No help came. He had to go it alone, with his own battery of lawyers. She is now living in Vermont.

The woman’s husband, Daniel Wani, was recently quoted, “As an American citizen, I am disappointed at the American Embassy’s position from the beginning.”  The lengthy public silence by both the president and the secretary of state has drawn criticism.

African Muslim nations are a monstrous source of widespread abuse and subjugation of women. In Sudan, 88 percent of young girls are subjected to genital mutilation. Forced marriages are commonplace, likening the plight of young girls to that of slavery.  No one knows the true numbers of beatings, torture and murders within these countries, particularly of women who fail to obey their husbands or violate the tenets of Islam as prescribed by the Quran or the Hadith.

Ms. Ibrahim’s life was saved by public outcry. Now it’s time to save millions more by keeping this kind of barbarism in the public eye.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is an escapee from Somalia, who also underwent early mutilation and later fled to the Netherlands to avoid a forced marriage under Islamic law. She is now an outspoken intellectual and author, writing books and speaking at any venue that will host her in order to inform the world what horrors are experienced by women within the confines of radical Islamic life.  But it’s a tough sell, because many schools refuse to have her on campus for fear of Muslim Student uprisings. In April of this year, Ms. Ali was cancelled from a scheduled talk at Brandeis after the Muslims successfully put an end to her freedom of speech.  Brandeis officials backed down like cowards and allowed the Islamic radicals a victory.

Ms. Ali recently deivered an address at Yale, which – to their credit – stood up against Muslim protests.

Bear in mind that several major universities of this country have received endowments in the millions of dollars by Islamic governments in the middle-east, including Harvard which accepted $26 million in 2005. Such generosity buys a lot of influence.

I would hope that American media and the people of the world – particularly women – who do not understand the horrors of living a life bound by Islamic dogma, will rise up with all their power to demand respect, love and protection to the gentler sex. If Islam is truly a religion of peace, as recently stated by the British Prime Minister, and often lauded by our president, then it should start proving it with actions, not threats, intimidation and murder.

Rosa Parks is a famous lady, a great symbol of her time. She will be remembered forever.

Meriam Ibrahim suffered six months in a prison cell, to bear a child in shackles, awaiting one hundred lashes and then a lynching, all because she believed in Christianity instead of Islam. But she held her beliefs and stood her ground in the face of a grotesque and painful death.

I doubt anyone will remember her name by the end of this year. I doubt there will be any statues in her honor. I doubt it will make any difference to the many millions of women suffering inside the oppressive walls of radical Islamic slavery.


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