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More To Consider in the Ray Rice Assault Fiasco Sep 9While the media focuses on Ray Rice’s knock-out punch of his girlfriend in an elevator and weighing the response by the NFL hierarchy, we should also be viewing the fiasco from other angles

By Marshall Frank

Besides deciding the Baltimore Raven’s running back’s career setback, there are more questions in need of answers.

First. Is this more pervasive than we know? How often are high paid sport professionals whacking their women around behind closed doors? This case was inadvertently caught on video, otherwise nobody would ever have known. Are such abusers emboldened with power – physical and financial – that they feel it’s their right to keep their female possessions in line?

Second. Does the lure of mega-millions have an affect on the judgment of women being abused by their rich boyfriends/husbands? Do women who are married to millionaire athletes overlook infidelity and physical abuse in order to relish the rewards?

Third. Didn’t anyone notice how Mr. Rice tugged the young woman onto the hard floor once clear of the elevator? He dropped her head and body like an unwanted sack of potatoes while he stood over her like a gladiator. A loving caring person would have been on his knees frantically trying to help the woman. Ergo, great difficulty buying the public atonement offered by Rice.

Four. Why isn’t the focus of this case about a criminal act? All the hoopla concerns Rice’s future as a Raven. Perhaps his future should be determined in a criminal court, from which he’ll do a stint in the slammer, the same as other abusers who do time for the same thing, though not as rich and famous. Rice should not be given any more slack than any ordinary citizen.

Five. Why did the second video release make such a difference? We didn’t have to see the assault to know it happened. The first video showed Rice dropping her out of the elevator. Did the police or the NFL hierarchy think she merely fainted? They surely questioned Rice and his girlfriend. Did they relate what happened or did they lie? Why the difference between a two game suspension and a seasonal suspension? Seems the NFL did a poor job of covering their butts while trying to rescue their star running back.

Six. Haven’t heard a word from the forces of women’s rights. Where are you, NOW?

I happen to believe in legalizing and controlling the oldest profession in the world. But when a woman marries wealth in exchange for sex and favors, it gives license to the same basic profession only as more permanent arrangement. Of course, we’re not alleging such in this case.

Some pro athletes have been known for their dalliances during travels around the country while blinded wives bite that proverbial bullet because – well – life immersed with millions is so good.

A camera showed us that Ray Rice – a powerful athlete – punched his girlfriend into oblivion inside a public elevator, knocked her out and then dragged her off like a side of beef. What did she do? She married him.

Well…a woman can’t be forced to testify against a husband, especially when he provides the world at her fingertips. Now that Rice is out of a job, we’ll see how that plays out.

Marshall Frank is a retired homicide investigator from Miami-Dade, now an author of twelve books. Visit www.marshallfrank.com