In 2004, in regards to the American invasion of Iraq, then Secretary of State, Colin Powell said, “You break it, you own it.”

     To follow that quote, it might have been more prophetic to say, “Once you own it, don’t break it again.” But, we did.

     A lot of bantering has been heard between political parties and politico journalists in regards to the blame game; who screwed up the most? Bush or Obama?  Was it wrong to go into Iraq? Perhaps.

     I wrote articles in opposition to that invasion. But once the decision was made – which was supported by a forty-nation coalition – it was important that we coalesce and do everything to support our troops and to ensure a successful outcome.

     Whether Bush was right or wrong is not the issue today. The issue is ensuring that our gains were not lost, that the Iraqi people would not be overrun by terrorists, that Iran would not gain a foothold , and the losses of 4,600-plus American soldiers would not have been in vain.

     We left troops in South Korea after the war’s end in 1953 for that very purpose, to ensure the stability of that democratic nation and protect it from the evil forces of North Korea’s despots. If we had not kept troops there, South Korea would not exist today. The entire peninsular would now be one large, fascist, terror-run, starving nation where people would have been enslaved for all time, not to mention the threat to Japan and other countries in the region. It was the right thing to keep troops there. We lost nearly forty-thousand fighting men in Korea, plus another 100,000 wounded. Had we pulled out, those lost lives would have been lost in vain.

     Such is the analogy to Iraq. Maybe it was unwise to enter into that war in 2003. But we did. The next long range objective would be to maintain the peace and protect the gains that were made for the Iraqi people, for stability in the middle-east and for America and our allies.

     Following the 2007 surge, the Iraqi War was winding down, a new government had formed, and the Iraqi army was in place. Nevertheless, that army was not prepared for defending the nation against formidable enemies, not without the support of the U.S. 

     South Korea could easily have been overrun by North Korean forces has we pulled out. Such is what is happening in Iraq today.

     This president was so obsessed with “ending” the Iraq war, he failed to see and understand the likely consequences of a pull-out.  The risk was obvious to many experts, including a host of generals, most of whom recommended keeping a force of 20,000 troops in place as peacekeepers – much like South Korea. But this president looked the other way. He made a very bad and costly decision. The vacuum was created and the forces of evil moved in. With that, has come grotesque suffering of the people of Iraq and anyone  else who opposed the new insurgency which we attribute to ISIS.

     The proof is in the proverbial pudding. Millions of innocents are paying a heavy price today. If we do not act swiftly and with certainty, the threat of radical Islam will metastasize across the globe like an out-of-control Ebola virus, killing million in its wake, installing Sharia Law and enslaving women. The terrorists are now emboldened. They are rich beyond comprehension. Their goal is not Iraq. Their goal is global conquest, which includes you and me.

     Doesn’t anyone get that?

     Don’t be fooled by sound bites and labels. ISIS is no different than al Qaeda, of Hamas, or Hezbollah, or Boco Haram or the Taliban, or any one of the 129 listed terror organizations around the world. There is no sepration of uniforms. They all have the same goal. They may have different origins, or different tactics, but they all have one common objective: A United World of Fundamentalist Islam.

     The Muslim Brotherhood predicted it in their manifesto documents twenty-five and thirty years ago.

     This is only the beginning. It will get worse unless we act unilaterally now.

     This enemy has no borders. They are now entrenched in Europe. They are entrenching in the United States. They are seeding their future in every corner of the planet. They believe it is God’s will.

     We all hate war. But the enemy has showed itself much like the Nazis showed themselves in the late 1930’s.  There was no such thing as “managing” the Nazis. There is no such thing as “managing” the terrorists, as Barack Obama suggests. Bringing justice to individual beheaders as though they are merely domestic criminals, does not eliminate the big problem. This is a massive global movement which uses religion as its motivation, petro-dollars for its support and power as the aphrodisiac with which to lure its fighters.

     They must be crushed now, before it’s too late.

  1. Destroy ISIS, al Qaeda and its supporters everywhere, including Iraq and Syria. Don’t hold back one iota.
  2. Weed out every Islamic terror sympathizer or financier in America and charge them with treason, no matter who they are.
  3. Stop allowing immigrants in the U.S. who hold passports from terror-based countries.
  4. Deport all middle-east immigrants who have overstayed their visas
  5. The FBI and/or the National Guard should investigate the twenty-two known Islamic, Sharia-run enclaves in America and once determined that these groups are in training for terror activities, with intent to destroy the U.S. government, charge its leaders with treason and sedition. Start with Islamberg, New York.
  6. Stop them at the borders. Protect our country, Mr. President!
  7. Re-establish the United States as a world leader in protecting and establishing freedom for all people.

     This problem didn’t have to be, if the president would have paid attention to the threat and listened to the generals who had been fighting this terror war for years. But he didn’t. Now it’s broken. It’s on the shoulders of Barack Obama. He owns the problem and all the horrors that come with it.  

     Please view the video link below, of President G.W. Bush in 2007 as he warns of the consequences of a premature pull-out from Iraq. Quite prophetic. Only one minute, but worth the time.

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