THE DROP  =  8

This is not a movie for everyone. But if you are a drama junkie, who appreciates a deep story with powerful acting, you will find this a captivating film that draws the viewer in closer and closer as the plotline moves along.

     Set in the darker jungles of urban New York City, the main character, who we only know as Bob, tends bar at a local pub where underworld activity visits now and then, where loan sharking and payoffs and robberies are commonplace, where the status quo is a daily exercise in keeping cool amidst all the darkness. Bob is played by a journeyman actor named Tom Hardy, who I predict will rise to greater name recognition after this film, particularly if he gets tagged with a well-deserved Oscar nomination.

     The bar owner Bob’s older cousin, Marv, a miserable sleazy shark who owes more money to gangsters than he can pay. This role was James Gandolfini’s swan song, giving us a commanding performance also worthy of a best supporting actor nomination.

     Bob is a quiet, tough guy who minds his own business but gets sucked into dangerous situations not of his choosing. In the meantime, his tender side emerges when he adopts a battered puppy which he protects with fervor, and which ultimately plays an important character in its own right.

     Bob also meets Nadia, an attractive, loner neighbor who befriends Bob, though there is not one scene in the picture where anyone locks lips, nor even implies sex. Nadia is pretty but not glamrous or sexy, though there’s something pure and genuine behind those troubled eyes. She is played by another relatively unknown, Noomi Rapace, who might also earn a supporting nomination.

      A couple of climactic scenes startles the audience as the deep dark characters come alive to the viewers. It’s life in the real world. Though the picture starts in slow motion, the dramatic twists and turns eventually nails you to the seat until the next scene and the next. 

     If you crave fast-paced action, or lots of drugs, sex, violence, machine guns, martial arts and car chases, don’t see this movie. But if you like talking about it among yourselves when you stop for pizza after, don’t miss “The Drop.”

     I give it a solid 8.

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