This is one of those articles in which there are no answers. 

     The Brooklyn Bridge, built in 1883, has two towers which serve as foundation. They are 276 feet high from water level.  That’s like the 30th floor of a building. Atop each tower flies the American flag from poles which are illuminated at night by high-powered lighting spots.  

     Sometime in the early morning hours of Tuesday, July 22nd, between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m., persons unknown scaled the towers of that bridge, took down the American flags and replaced them with all-white flags of the same dimension 12’ by 20.’ According to the time frames which were extracted by darkened images on security cameras, the project went so smooth and so efficient, it appears that two teams were engaged in the project. 

     This was no easy feat. Climbing those heights – especially in the dark of night — would be the work of gymnasts, especially carrying the replacement flags on the way up. The planning had was even more astounding as the replacement flag was another American flag that had been bleached white. When the flags were installed, the spotlights were covered with sheets of aluminum foil to darken the illumination on the flag poles. 

     Some might think this was a publicity stunt, but that’s unlikely based on the stealth nature of their actions. It appears lives were risked to send a message.  What could that message be?

     Police are puzzled. City officials are puzzled. 

     A white flag, traditionally, is a symbol of surrender. Until we learn more, it’s all guess work. But it certainly is a macabre event.

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