“Open Doors” is an organization which tracks Christian persecution on a global scale.  They list the top fifty nations who are most notorious for anti-Christian activities and/or sentiments:




Muslim majority countries dominate in eighteen of the top twenty that persecute Christians. (38 of the top 50) That’s seriously counter to the public comments Barack Obama has imparted about the subject:

     “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”  (really? public beheadings, hangings, mass murder and church burnings is tolerance?)

     “…the Islamic faith which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world – including my own country.” (Hmm, what country is that?)

     “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism, it is an important problem in promoting peace.”  (???)

     “Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.”  (huh?)

Who is he trying to snow? More curiously, what is the purpose of extolling such distortions?

There are many more examples of comments (see link below), but these four serve the purpose in exposing, not only the idiocy and the untruths, but the sheer audacity in attempting to sway the mindset of people from fact to falsehoods, all in the interest of loving Islam. This…from our alleged “Christian” president.

Meanwhile, our “Christian” president remains mute about the atrocities toward Christians at the behest of Islam around the world.  For openers:

  • As this is written, the new Iraqi caliphate which recently terrorized and conquered the northern part of that country, has issued a fatwa to the existing Christians in and near Mosel; Convert, Pay a Special Tax, leave Iraq now or be prepared to die. That, by the way, is consistent with Quranic verses 9.5, 5.51 and 2.191.
  • Since Iraq has been “liberated” by American military operations, Christianity has been on the run. (Saddam Hussein protected Christians). Between 2003 and 2011, more than 60 churches have been targeted for bombings, thousands of Christians were murdered or displaced.
  • In Mali, a Christian leader is beheaded as hundreds flee. Systematic killings and displacements of Christians have become commonplace.
  • Nigeria: More than a thousand Christians were killed in 2012 for nothing other than being Christian. Since January this year, at least four Christian churches have been burned.
  • Somalia:  There are few Christians remaining in Somalia since the crackdowns over the last several years.  Still, the few who remain are facing persecution and/or death. In March of this year, a mother and her cousin were beheaded in the center of town for all villagers to watch, to see what happens when Christians refuse to convert.
  • Afghanistan:  Christians are warned to convert to Islam or be killed. Beheadings of Christians have taken place in public places to warn non-Muslims of their fate.
  • Saudi Arabia: Conversion from Islam to Christianity is punishable by death. Christians who live and work in Saudi Arabia from foreign countries must conduct their worship within the confines of their house or in embassies. Carrying a Bible in public is illegal.
  • Egypt: During the Muslim Brotherhood uprisings of 2011-2012 (known as Arab Spring) Egypt lost nearly sixty churches to fires and desecrations while Christian Coptics ran for their lives, many of whom sought refuge outside the country. Bear in mind, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Morsi regime was supported by the Obama administration. Under President Mubarak, Christians had enjoyed full protections of the law. ((So did Jews)

We get the picture. The more that Muslims dominate in these nations, the less tolerance there is of any other religion.  (Notice, there are no Jews allowed in the most extreme of these Islamic countries) Christians are under severe tyranny in these, and several other nations, while the world sits on their hands. The UN is impotent. And the leader of the free world, our president of the United States who says he’s a Christian, looks the other way. Not a peep.

Maybe he’s waiting to learn about it on the news. Maybe those fund raisers, golf games and vacations are just too important to pay heed to the world of INTOLERANCE by the religion that supposedly has such a great history of tolerance.

You don’t hear much about this in the news, so I thought it appropriate to provide the update. And by the way, I am not a Christian.

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