“LUCY”  –   9 ½ 

Think of the adjective, “engrossed.”  That’s what you will be when you watch this most unusual and gripping motion picture. If the Oscars were to be held today, without seeing the end-of-year blockbusters, this picture would be a runaway.

     “Lucy” will be marinated in Oscar nominations. For sure, Best special effects, Best editing, Best screenwriting, directing and at the least, a nomination for Best Actress for Scarlett Johannsen, who gives us a riveting performance as a young woman inadvertently caught up in the entrapments of mental science and the criminal elements of Paris and Thailand.

     To an extent, this is a sci fi flick, which I generally stay away from. There is violence. But, there must be, because the story line would fall flat without it. I’m not a science fiction lover, nor do I like movies created by computer nerds, but this one is different.  Morgan Freeman plays a scientist/lecturer who speculates on the power of the mind if and when humans ever reach full potential of the brain, as opposed to only ten or twenty percent. Then, it happens. And the rest is for you to see. Yes, there are implausibles, over-the-top scenes which would be stupid in any other picture. But it works with Lucy.

     What’s amazing, this is an adventure movie with a beautiful actress, and the “F” word is conspicuously absent. Add to that, there are no sex scenes and no adults smoking pot. Amazing how good a movie can be without mind altering drugs, alcohol, sex and foul language.

     Well…there is a drug element, but that’s for you to find out.

     This might have been rated a ten, if not for a couple gotcha moments which the director should have caught in the editing. But, that’s small change compared to the overall picture.

     See “Lucy.”  You’ll walk away talking about it.