My choices for the “greatest” ever in select categories among celebrities and of the 20th and 21st centuries. (1900 to the present. Very difficult to fairly compare pre-industrial age personalities to those who lived in modern times).   Note: These selections are based on the prime years and their overall contribution to the specific categories, i.e. sports, entertainment, politics. For example, Tiger Woods (golf category) is slipping these days, but in his prime, he was the most dominant player in the field ever, in my opinion.

Greatest President:                     Dwight Eisenhower.

Worst President:                         Barack Obama


Most Overrated President:         Franklin D. Roosevelt

Most Underrated President:       Harry Truman


Greatest Foreign Leader:            Winston Churchill

Worst Foreign Leader:                Hitler/Stalin (tie)


Gr. Political Commentator:        Charles Krauthammer

Worst Commentator:                   Al Sharpton


Greatest Entertainer (male):        Sammy Davis Jr.

Greatest Entertainer (Female):    Barbra Streisand

Worst Entertainer:                          Too many to name.


Greatest Comic (female):               Carol Burnett

Greatest Comic (male):                   Jackie Gleason


Greatest Popular Singer (male):    Frank Sinatra

Worst Popular Singer (male):        Fabian


Greatest Popular Singer (female):  Celine Dion

Worst Popular Singer (female):      Miley Cyrus


Greatest Rock singer (male):           Elvis Presley

Greatest Rock Singer (female)         Tina Turner


Greatest Composer (theatr):             Andrew Lloyd Webber

Greatest American Composer:         George Gershwin 


Greatest Violinist:                                Jascha Heifetz

Greatest Pianist:                                   Vladimir Horowitz


Greatest Actor:                                      Daniel Day Lewis

Greatest Actress:                                   Meryl Streep


Most Beautiful Actress:                        Elizabeth Taylor

Most Handsome Actor:                         John Derek


Greatest Athlete (male):                       Jim Thorpe 

Greatest Athlete (female):                     Serena Williams


Greatest Fighter:                                     Rocky Marciano

Greatest Baseball Player:                       Babe Ruth


Greatest Basketball Player:                     Michael Jordan

Greatest Football Player:                        Jim Brown


Greatest Golfer (male):                            Tiger Woods

Greatest Golfer (female):                         Annika Sorenstam


Greatest Tennis Player (male):                Roger Federer         

Greatest Tennis Player (female):            Serena Williams


Greatest Author (male)                             Ernest Hemingway

Greatest Author (female)                                 (stumped)


Greatest Blogger – (male or female)       Cornelius Carbuncle