The most important issue in the 2016 presidential election is making sure Obama’s residual team and his destructive ideologies are gone from the executive branch. That means the democratic candidate must lose, regardless of single issues, regardless of ethnicity, race, and social leanings. The overall safety and security of America, on the economic scene as well as international, are the two most vital arenas for selecting a new administration, far and above whether we agree on abortions, gay marriage, immigration and other issues that are less encompassing. Obviously, it will be up to the republican party to make this happen.

     We must not lose sight of the big picture.

     I’m no great lover of the republican party. I agree that past republican presidents have had their share of misgivings. But nothing compares with the dismantling of our civil rights and the security of this nation, than the processes put in place by the current dictator in chief. The international scene – throughout the world – is in a state of chaos, and our nation is far less respected than it was six years ago.

     I’ve been watching the probable players lining up, posturing, pandering for cash, writing books, appearing often on television, taking sides on issues, etc., and I see no one who has a chance at beating another minority in a national election, particularly a female in the form of Hillary Clinton.

     With the exception of Doctor Ben Carson, who has no political experience at all, there are no blacks who are winnable. Senator Tim Scott is too new in the senate. Allen West was only a one-termer, and – while I consider him a great man – he is too vulnerable for several reasons. Condoleeza Rice cannot survive left wing criticism for Iraq.

     Latinos have Sen. Ted Cruz, who cannot be elected because he was born in a foreign country. That’s just a fact. Sen. Marco Rubio, a Cuban/American, may attract a slice of the Hispanic voters, but not as much as would a candidate of Mexican heritage. Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee and Jeb Bush – while all qualified – are all stereotypical white males, the same old cloth.  And, where are the front running republican women? In these changing times where minorities are on the way toward collectively making up the majority, we must face reality. The democrats are far ahead of the republicans in that mode of thinking.

     The best qualified republican candidate to oppose any minority or female in the next race would be Susanna Martinez, Governor of New Mexico. Born in New Mexico, Gov. Martinez is a former prosecutor and District Attorney for three terms, from 1997 to 2011. She was elected governor in 2010, in a predominantly democratic state. She has a remarkable record, rate 8th best governor in the country by the Washington Post, and enjoys a 66% approval rating in her state.

     It’s easy to cherry-pick and find fault with any single candidate which would apply to Martinez as well, and all politicians. But, this is a woman who would attract voters from both sides of the political spectrum, as well as women and all minorities. And, her record as a successful prosecutor is a strong indicator that she knows how to make important decisions and will stand up for the laws and security of our nation.

     Besides, she is married 30 years to a law enforcement officer, and undersheriff of the Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Department.

     Not only must we nominate someone who is very good, we must nominate someone who is very electable. For those who agree, the time is now to start working for grass roots support in a Susanna Martinez candidacy.

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