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Marshall Frank: Ending Iraq War one thing, keeping peace another

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

In 2007, my artist-wife, Suzanne, created an event near Rockledge, in Brevard County, to honor the (then) 3,600 servicemen and women who had already sacrificed their lives toward a noble cause, fighting terrorism and striving to give the people of Iraq a sense of freedom and liberty.

In conjunction with the Unitarian-Universalist church property on U.S. 1, Suzanne’s vision was realized when 3,600 poles were impaled into the grounds facing the busy federal highway, each with banners of red, white and blue, and each with the names of deceased soldiers noted on the sides of the poles.

A memorial ceremony was held, tears flowed, patriotic music was played. Over one month, at least a half million cars passed the site facing the highway, many stopping to take photographs.

In the end, 4,486 American soldiers lost their lives while many thousands more Iraqi soldiers and civilians lost theirs in the noble fight. That, plus multi-thousands that came home with broken minds and bodies.

Did it all go for naught?

As I write, Iraq is falling. Hard-core al-Qaida terrorists and their savage partners from Syria are on the doorstep of Baghdad, already brutal conquerors of several major cities like Tikrit and Mosel. Terrorists are lining up loyal Iraqi soldiers and police officers in ditches, shooting them Nazi style by the hundreds. Bodies are in the streets, beheaded, as a warning to all those that will dare to oppose Islamic radicalism. Many Iraqi soldiers are laying down arms and running for their lives. It’s all but over. They win. Iraqi freedom loses. We lose.

Experts saw it coming. Anyone well-schooled in the mindset of Islamic extremists and their obsession with terror could well educate people including our government leaders, about the hard-core determination of violent Jihadist organizations. When they see a void, they will seize the opportunity. Their focus is unending. Conquest is an absolute purpose. They are not benevolent to the conquered. Neither do they tolerate non-Muslims.

It might have been a shining moment for the president, but we left a void when the United States pulled out all American soldiers. Iraq was unprepared to survive on its own. We should have known that.

In other great wars, after conflicts ceased, we left contingency personnel within the nation as peacekeepers, to preserve what we had sacrificed for. Where would South Korea be today if not for the U.S. position in that nation? This administration chose otherwise despite pleas from top military commanders to keep a force in Iraq, including Gens. Lloyd J. Austin and John M. Keane, who were involved in that fight and recommended stationing 23,000 troops. We are seeing the consequences of that decision.

We were right to end the war. But ending the war is not the same as preserving the peace, which we failed to do. The clarity of hindsight is no consolation.

America is saddened. The broken warriors and families of dead soldiers are saddened. We are saddened for the Iraqi people, to whom we owed more. It could have been prevented.

Gone for naught? Seems so.



     Can’t anyone see the big picture here?

      All these hotbeds of terror and conquest is not limited to Iraq, or Syria. Look around, it’s in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Nigeria, Chechnya, India, Indonesia, even Europe and China. It’s everywhere. It has even arrived in the west.

     Radical Islam is dedicated to establish world domination.  It is their Allah-given purpose for existence. There is no stopping them, unless we – in the free world – wake up and smell the proverbial roses.

     Radical Islam can best be defined as the segment of Islam that participates in Jihad, who support Jihad, who root for Jihad and sympathize with Jihad. Jihad is technically translated to mean: Struggle.  To Jihadists, Jihad is a struggle toward conquest. If the naysayers would simply take the time to do a minimal amount of research, all these facts are out there for the asking. People should pay attention to those in the know, who have studied this problem in depth.

     Iraq isn’t just about Shiites and Sunnis. Neither is Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan. It is about the long range goal of destroying Israel and then destroying western democracy.

     Experts will tell you that the majority of the world are peace-loving Muslims. That’s true. They will also tell you that the Jihadists, who are a minority, comprise about 20 percent of the world of Islam. That is huge. That minority comprises some 200-plus million people who want to kill us, who want to dominate us, who want to destroy Judaism and Christianity. The peaceful Muslims are irrelevant. They have no say in this war. They are busy working and taking care of families, and will – in the long run – be spared when the entire world becomes an Islamic caliphate.

     This is no joke. It is not a supposition. It is a fact. I have avidly studied this issue since 9/12/2001, wrote a book in 2007, and have followed the world of Islam closely learning a deep knowledge of the background, motivations, methods and dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood who are leading this charge. I have also studied the writings of some three dozen intellectuals on this issue (see list), some of whom are from the middle-east, who are former Muslims and a few Muslim reformists.

     The Muslim Brotherhood – who was recently driven out of the government of Egypt via uprisings from millions of peace-loving Egyptians – is a global enterprise whose long range purpose is conquest of the west. They have plans in motion that include various methods to achieve this end, both violent and stealth.  The stealth version involves deceit, pretending to be peaceful and loving, while the target nations are infiltrated – slowly but surely. Stealth means: From Within, as they have promised.

     “War is Deceit” – The Prophet, Mohammed.

     Secret documents recovered by law enforcement investigations in both America and Switzerland, confirms this fact (see links below). The so-called Arab-Spring was a pre-planned operation executed by the Muslim Brotherhood to seize control of important Arab nations, including Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Syria. Egypt overturned the movement by ousting the MB, refusing to accept life under strict Sharia law.

     We should not forget, President Obama called for the ouster of Mubarak, our ally, and supported the Muslim Brotherhood.

     The Muslim Brotherhood is now rooted in the United States in the form of some thirty sub-organizations, whose purpose is to infiltrate and weaken the U.S. Constitution until it can be nullified. Among those organizations is CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations), the ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) and the MSA (Muslim Students Association)…all of whom have enjoyed successes in gaining influence in U.S. politics, economics and education. Several persons with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood have been employed in influential positions in the Obama administration, including the Department of Homeland Security, Justice Department, State Department and the White House itself.

     Every major speech regarding Islam or foreign decision that President Obama has made regarding the middle-east has been to the favor of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

     Iraq is important because the worst radicals who have their antennas aimed toward the west, will root in and establish an ideal base from which to launch terror tactics. Israel is under constant attack from HAMAS (a stepchild of the Muslim Brotherhood). HAMAS is now allied with the Palestinian Authority. With ISIS gaining power, Israel will have to be even more alert from those who have sworn to destroy them.

     Those of us who are older find this all strangely familiar. The Nazis were small in numbers but huge in power. Like al Qaeda and ISIS, they murdered people in the streets to leave grotesque impressions on the remaining population: Do as we say, or you could be next. The small and powerful numbers eventually overcame the general population. Germans, otherwise good people, became intoxicated with power and turned a blind eye to atrocities.

     But the Nazis wore uniforms and were more obvious. They went after other countries with military might. Islamist tactics are different. Islamists infiltrate and kill from within. They are far more sinister than Nazi’s, but just as blood-curdling and fixated on a long range goal. 

     The peace-loving Muslims, like the Germans, are turning a blind eye, mostly for self-survival…awaiting the day they may become intoxicated with power as the almighty god of Islam triumphs over the evil forces of the United States.

     We better start paying attention. That goes for our ignorant (or corrupt) politicians whose only concerns are gaining or remaining in office, marching lock-step with their party-line rather than acknowledging the long range consequences of stupidity.

     Segments of our mainstream media are falling into the same trap by ignoring or minimizing the gains being made by radical Islam, including in free western countries. Al Jazerra, the Arab media giant based in the middle-east, has established a propaganda foothold in western media thanks to Al Gore, who chose to sell them his television station when an alternate American choice was available.

     Radical Islam is on the march. We should all be united as Americans. Obama’s declaration – more than 30 times in two years – saying al Qaeda has been decimated is laughable. Why does he repeat the same lie, over and over?

     This is an issue where democrat versus republican does not matter, because if we continue to think this is just another foreign affair, it won’t be long – perhaps a couple generations – that our gay people will be hanging from lamp posts, crippled people will be disappearing, Jews will be extinct, Christians will pay a special tax (or else), women will be immersed in subjugation to men, the press will no longer be free, choosing another religion outside Islam will render the death penalty, blind eyes will not notice nor report the rise in honor killings and the 223 years of freedoms afforded Americans in the Constitution will be gone with the wind, like they never existed.  Out with the Constitution; in with the Quran.

     By that time, there will be no turning back. 

          Here is a partial list of experts, intellectuals and authors to research, provided for your information. They have written numerous books on this topic, worthy of interest by skeptics. I hope some of my doubting friends will take the time and energy to enlighten themselves. Check them out through Google and/or


                                     LIST OF INTELLECTUALS/EXPERTS ON ISLAM 

Robert Spencer 

Nonie Darwish 

Clare Lopez 

Richard A. Clarke

 Pam Geller 

Harvey Kushner 

Tarek Fatah 

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser 

Ayaan Hirsi Ali 

Brigitte Gabriel 

Abdullah al-Araby 

Daniel Pipes

 Timothy Aldred

 Paul Sperry 

Walid Shoebat 

Bruce Bower 

P. David Gaubatz 

David Horowitz

Steven Emerson 

Ahmed Rashid

 Gilles Kepel

 Andrew C. McCarthy

     Here are the Muslim Brotherhood documents, as mentioned above:

Pay particular attention to page 7 of 18, in the English translation (second half)

Click here:

This document “The Project” was recovered by the Swiss in 2001:

Click here: THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD ‘Project’ – a plan to takeover the West | BARE NAKED ISLAM  

Click here: Obama Has Touted Al Qaeda’s Demise 32 Times since Benghazi Attack | CNS News


My choices for the “greatest” ever in select categories among celebrities and of the 20th and 21st centuries. (1900 to the present. Very difficult to fairly compare pre-industrial age personalities to those who lived in modern times).   Note: These selections are based on the prime years and their overall contribution to the specific categories, i.e. sports, entertainment, politics. For example, Tiger Woods (golf category) is slipping these days, but in his prime, he was the most dominant player in the field ever, in my opinion.

Greatest President:                     Dwight Eisenhower.

Worst President:                         Barack Obama


Most Overrated President:         Franklin D. Roosevelt

Most Underrated President:       Harry Truman


Greatest Foreign Leader:            Winston Churchill

Worst Foreign Leader:                Hitler/Stalin (tie)


Gr. Political Commentator:        Charles Krauthammer

Worst Commentator:                   Al Sharpton


Greatest Entertainer (male):        Sammy Davis Jr.

Greatest Entertainer (Female):    Barbra Streisand

Worst Entertainer:                          Too many to name.


Greatest Comic (female):               Carol Burnett

Greatest Comic (male):                   Jackie Gleason


Greatest Popular Singer (male):    Frank Sinatra

Worst Popular Singer (male):        Fabian


Greatest Popular Singer (female):  Celine Dion

Worst Popular Singer (female):      Miley Cyrus


Greatest Rock singer (male):           Elvis Presley

Greatest Rock Singer (female)         Tina Turner


Greatest Composer (theatr):             Andrew Lloyd Webber

Greatest American Composer:         George Gershwin 


Greatest Violinist:                                Jascha Heifetz

Greatest Pianist:                                   Vladimir Horowitz


Greatest Actor:                                      Daniel Day Lewis

Greatest Actress:                                   Meryl Streep


Most Beautiful Actress:                        Elizabeth Taylor

Most Handsome Actor:                         John Derek


Greatest Athlete (male):                       Jim Thorpe 

Greatest Athlete (female):                     Serena Williams


Greatest Fighter:                                     Rocky Marciano

Greatest Baseball Player:                       Babe Ruth


Greatest Basketball Player:                     Michael Jordan

Greatest Football Player:                        Jim Brown


Greatest Golfer (male):                            Tiger Woods

Greatest Golfer (female):                         Annika Sorenstam


Greatest Tennis Player (male):                Roger Federer         

Greatest Tennis Player (female):            Serena Williams


Greatest Author (male)                             Ernest Hemingway

Greatest Author (female)                                 (stumped)


Greatest Blogger – (male or female)       Cornelius Carbuncle



     The most important issue in the 2016 presidential election is making sure Obama’s residual team and his destructive ideologies are gone from the executive branch. That means the democratic candidate must lose, regardless of single issues, regardless of ethnicity, race, and social leanings. The overall safety and security of America, on the economic scene as well as international, are the two most vital arenas for selecting a new administration, far and above whether we agree on abortions, gay marriage, immigration and other issues that are less encompassing. Obviously, it will be up to the republican party to make this happen.

     We must not lose sight of the big picture.

     I’m no great lover of the republican party. I agree that past republican presidents have had their share of misgivings. But nothing compares with the dismantling of our civil rights and the security of this nation, than the processes put in place by the current dictator in chief. The international scene – throughout the world – is in a state of chaos, and our nation is far less respected than it was six years ago.

     I’ve been watching the probable players lining up, posturing, pandering for cash, writing books, appearing often on television, taking sides on issues, etc., and I see no one who has a chance at beating another minority in a national election, particularly a female in the form of Hillary Clinton.

     With the exception of Doctor Ben Carson, who has no political experience at all, there are no blacks who are winnable. Senator Tim Scott is too new in the senate. Allen West was only a one-termer, and – while I consider him a great man – he is too vulnerable for several reasons. Condoleeza Rice cannot survive left wing criticism for Iraq.

     Latinos have Sen. Ted Cruz, who cannot be elected because he was born in a foreign country. That’s just a fact. Sen. Marco Rubio, a Cuban/American, may attract a slice of the Hispanic voters, but not as much as would a candidate of Mexican heritage. Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee and Jeb Bush – while all qualified – are all stereotypical white males, the same old cloth.  And, where are the front running republican women? In these changing times where minorities are on the way toward collectively making up the majority, we must face reality. The democrats are far ahead of the republicans in that mode of thinking.

     The best qualified republican candidate to oppose any minority or female in the next race would be Susanna Martinez, Governor of New Mexico. Born in New Mexico, Gov. Martinez is a former prosecutor and District Attorney for three terms, from 1997 to 2011. She was elected governor in 2010, in a predominantly democratic state. She has a remarkable record, rate 8th best governor in the country by the Washington Post, and enjoys a 66% approval rating in her state.

     It’s easy to cherry-pick and find fault with any single candidate which would apply to Martinez as well, and all politicians. But, this is a woman who would attract voters from both sides of the political spectrum, as well as women and all minorities. And, her record as a successful prosecutor is a strong indicator that she knows how to make important decisions and will stand up for the laws and security of our nation.

     Besides, she is married 30 years to a law enforcement officer, and undersheriff of the Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Department.

     Not only must we nominate someone who is very good, we must nominate someone who is very electable. For those who agree, the time is now to start working for grass roots support in a Susanna Martinez candidacy.

          Check out her record and personal data on the links below.


 Click here: Susana Martínez – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Click here: Susana Martinez | 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

Click here: Susana Martinez: U.S. Overdue for Female President | RealClearPolitics


  In the ruinsMeSueBaynard3

  Our previous marriages ended up in ruins. So, we figured our luck might change if we’d start this one in ruins. It worked.

     Yesterday, June 14th, was our 25th anniversary. One might think that’s no big deal. But it is a big deal if the groom had four previous wives and the bride had two previous husbands. We were mired in failed relationships, which is why we avoided any form of serious relationship after we met. Marriage was synonymous with doom…for us both.

     That was the best start ever. No expectations, no presentations, no faking no pretenses. What you see is what you get.

     She was still married to #2, though she had left him a year before. I was technically still married to #4 who was preparing for divorce. We didn’t date until we were both free of marriage. Then, it was an occasional movie, a dinner, and … the “N” word.  Imagine being in our forties, going out, and the woman has the audacity to say “No.”

     Two-and-a-half years later, we eloped to Hilton Head Island. We told no one (except my best friends, Harvey and Judy Glaser) who stood for us and shared the festivities. We simply didn’t want to hear the cynics; “Wonder how long this will last?”

      Presided over by a local Notary Public, we all assembled at the Baynard Ruins of Hilton Head, the remnants of a grand old pre-Civil War plantation, turned mostly to rubble with some original stone, sand and oyster-shell walls still standing. Now a park overrun by forest, the site is preserved for nature lovers and history buffs. Yes, we stood in the ruins on our wedding day in 1989 and had a four-person reception on a beach blanket with wine and finger foods. It all got better from there.

     Finally, people have asked about our secret to success. Simple. I accept her as she is. She accepts me as I am.  She’s from Canada, a sculpture artists and die-hard pragmatist. I’m a musician, ex-cop and die-hard pragmatist. We live in the real world. We appreciate each other’s attributes and accept each others flaws.

     Since June 14th, 1989, we both have enjoyed many accomplishments, individual and together. Our arguments have been few…and the winners are equally divided. Our greatest challenge was in the mid 1990’s when my two grandkids (then ages 10 and 11) were in great need of home, care and the love of family. Suzanne unselfishly rose to that occasion and joined in the custodial arrangement. Those two kids are now in their late 20’s…fortunate to have had Suzanne in their lives.    

     At the beginning of each of my twelve published books, you will see a page of acknowledgements ending with: “I owe my love and devotion to my wife, Suzanne, the most perfect human being on planet earth.”

     And that’s no lie.

(with Harvey and Judy, friends since 1954)