The best outcome of the Oscars this year, is not about who won.  It’s about who didn’t win.

     Morality won a victory, for once, as the multi-touted, multi-nominated sleaze film, “Wolf of Wall Street” won ZERO awards. Too bad they didn’t have a category for the Best Production in Rampant Depravity”… it would have been a runaway.

     I wrote about this movie last month, acknowledging that Hollywood is notorious for pushing the envelope in sex, violence, depravity and glorifying dugs.  But “Wolf” was not about one or two scenes or one or two characters. It was pervasive throughout the picture in the most graphic of scenes, certainly worthy of an “X” rating in times of yore, but not in 21st century Hollywood. And it virtually endorsed cocaine and other drugs making it appear that every normal, successful clean-cut happy adult partook of drugs with glee and passion.

     Great role modeling, Hollywood. Just what impressionable kids need to see and hear.

     Don’t worry, I get it. It’s all about the box office. Money talks, that’s all that matters. And these are the same celebrity leftists who blather political  pronouncements calling for redistribution of wealth. Oh really?

     The ratings mean nothing in today’s world, children can watch these movies on computers, on DVDs on cable TV, while parents are busy texting with iPhones, caring less about the influences of motion pictures on their psyche.

     I was not as accurate as last years predictions when I scored five out of six in the top categories. However I did make accurate calls about the Best Picture (12 Years A Slave), Best Actor, Matthew McConaughey and Best Supporting Actor, Jared Leto. I was also happy to see the young woman from Kenya, Lupita Nyongo, win for Best Supporting Actress for her stunning performance in 12 Years a Slave.

     Other winners were certainly deserving, with the exception of Best Director, Alfonso Cuaron, for Gravity, whose team of special effects technicians deserved most of the credits, for which they won several Oscars. Any of the other films would have been more deserving of Best Director, with the exception of Scorcese, who could have made “Wolf” a better picture had he simply cleaned it up…even a little. Seemed he was hell-bent on setting the all-time record for the “F” word, at 506 times in one movie. We could also do without people snorting coke from a bare butt and all the suits and ties having open sex on desks with office employees. Scorcese is a brilliant director, but he deserved to lose this one.

     It was no surprise that Gravity won Seven awards, mostly in technical categories, and 12 Years a Slave won three, as did Dallas Buyers Club.

     Let’s hope the Hollywood moguls have learned a lesson, to start cleaning up their act and stop converting good stories and valued actors into of garbage film making, for nothing else other than shock value for dollars. That’s prostitution.

     Oh yes, then there’s the hostess, Ellen Degeneres.  I’d give her a 7 out of 10. She was good, not great. I base standards on the greatest like the Billy Crystals, Bob Hopes and Johnny Carsons of years past.

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