First, a big thank you to all my readers and supporters. Since starting this blog site in 2008, I have produced nearly 600 articles, covering a myriad of topics. Whether you contribute with comments or not, your following is always appreciated…no matter if you agree or disagree with the articles, or parts thereof. 
     This blog is directed to readers who have a big problem with many of my articles including and those who have a vehement dislike for me or my points of view, particularly on the political scene.
     Save the name calling. Calling me names make you look stupid because it points out that you have no response worth reading.  If you read these blogs, you’ll see I make a strong effort to avoid degrading anyone as “stupid” or “left wing crazies” or any other derogatory term that is a waste of keyboard energy because it says nothing of value.
     Sometimes, I receive requests from people to delete them from my e-mail list. That’s fine. No problem.  Sadly, they are too often accompanied with  snide, insulting remarks which are as necessary as cancer. That tells me a lot about that person. Here’s a few:
     “Marshall The Hater”
     “Don’t want to read your trash.”
     “You’ve gone off the deep end.”
     “Right wing nut.”
     And so forth….
     Those of you who wish to comment in disagreement, feel free. But try your best to show me where I’m wrong, or that the facts are incorrect, or intelligently refute what I present. I am all ears, really. That would be the classy thing to do.  If you are too time-constrained to read the entire articles, or don’t take the time to examine the supporting documents I provide, or you just can’t stand learning something you didn’t know before, or you just dislike me, then please do one of four things:
     1.  Ask nicely to be removed from my mail list
     2.  Intelligently refute the contents of my article
     3.  Do some homework of your own.
     4.  Keep your insults to yourself.
     Thanks much.
     Marshall Frank