We all bitch about something, sometime, somewhere…little annoyances ( and big ones). Here are eleven issues that are at the top of my everyday list.

1. Retail Charity Traps.

I am offended when drug stores, super markets and other retail outlets are required to ask customers “Would like to donate to…such and such?” First, that puts the shopper in an uncomfortable position of saying “no” thus presenting an air of being insensitive. Second, it is presumptuous to draw shoppers into a trapped scenario to ask for charity donations. Three, retailers have no idea if a shopper is dirt poor or if she/he is contributing millions to charity already. It’s wrong, they should all stop the trap-begging at the register.

2. Screaming kids.

I have kids, I love kids. But I don’t love screaming kids especially when we are in a public place like a movie house, restaurant or shopping establishment where we have an expectation of being free from public disturbance. They are not cute. They are not entitled to impede myenjoyment at a restaurant where we are paying small or large sums of money to enjoy a socialouting. Some parents are thoughtful and take their kids outside. Other parents are depolorable thinking nothing of disturbing others.

3. Mega-loud Radio Music.

One day, I’m going to pull along side a car full of Justin Bieber types, open my window and blast Beethoven’s 5th as loud as the radio will go. This has nothing to do with the type of music one prefers, it has to do with plain rudeness. Some folks, particularly in the senior variety, have an aversion to high-decibel noise. It’s no less than disturbing the peace.

4. Coming Out:

Every week, it seems we hear about some movie star, singer, sports athlete or politician who has “come out,” ordained like heroes by the media. I think I speak for most folks when I say: I don’t give a damn. What someone does with the sex organs behind closed doors, and with whom, is none of my concern and neither should it be headlines for public consumption. Sex life is a private matter, but sadly, not in the 21st century, particularly if homosexuality is part of the equation.

5. Tattoos and Piercings:

I know I’m considered old fashioned and out of touch old fogey, but I matter as a citizen just as much as anyone. When I see someone whose arms, back and neck are covered with tattoos and their faces are impaled with metal objects in lips, eyebrows, nostrils…and who knows where else…it makes me wonder how much time they spend looking at themselves in the mirror every day.

6.   Cell Phone Addicts:

Families sit at a table, mute, devices in hand, texting, playing games, talking on the phone, while no one pays any attention to each other, and we wonder what has happened to our ability to interact and communicate. Kids are provided devices as mechanical baby sitters so moms and dads are free to text and talk. People who use devices for photos, texting and video at theater events are grossly inconsiderate of others.

7. Hanging Pants:

Boys who wear their pants below their underwear should be arrested and charged with indecent exposure. It is offensive and a public insult.

8. Rap Music:

It’s an oxymoron. Yes, there’s always a beat, but I never hear any music. Rappers are notorious for getting in trouble by committing criminal acts, a horrible role model for kids of all ages and races. Much of the rap culture is laden with foul language, sex and hate rhetoric, particularly toward cops and parents. It’s inconceivable that parents not only endorse junk music, they often listen as well giving validity to a culture that is rude, crude and reeking of depravity.

9. Movies and Rock Stars who Glorify Drugs:

It’s all about the money, values be damned. More than ever, we are seeing recording stars and Class A motion pictures depicting drug use as a cool behavior, with subliminal messages that countermand everything and anything their parents and other family members are trying to teach.

10. Telemarketers:

Should absolutely be banned. Same with poll takers, political hacks, snake-oil sales people and anyone else who use a personal phone number to trap you into a pitch you don’t want to hear. Not everyone can easily grab a ringing telephone due to physical restrictions, yet they try and then find themselves begging to be left alone. It’s more than an annoyance, it is a violation of privacy.

11. Politicians Who Lie:

When elected officials takes an oath of office to uphold and protect the constitution, they are swearing to tell the truth. When he/she lies for political expediency, it is tantamount to committing perjury. Once a politician knowing tells a falsehood, he/she should be removed from office as untrustworthy.

There are certainly more, but these are at the top of my list. How about you?