I consider myself a fairly liberal minded person in regards to many social matters. But the “gay” issue has somehow gone out of control.

     I have a gay granddaughter. My wife and I have gay friends. I think gays are entitled to the same “rights” as any American, particularly in the areas of jobs and services, and etc.

     However, I don’t think gay boys should be permitted into female bathrooms because they “feel” like a female. (See link, below) I don’t think taxpayers should be burdened with medical costs if some convicted murderer in prison wants a sex change operation. (See link, below) I don’t want to know about the sexual orientation of every celebrity or politician in America, as though that defines people. I don’t care about their preferences about where and with whom they exchange sexual pleasures. Why does their sexual business have to be my business?

     I don’t think the issue of gay-versus-straight should ever be raised in the Boy Scout membership inductions, because once that becomes publicly important, it loses to focus of the Scout program. And, because of media and social pressures we are basically validating boys preferences regarding their private activity with their genitals. It becomes known, when we don’t need to know it.

     When a boy of fourteen announces he is gay, he is saying, “I like sexual contact with other boys.”

     Why do we need this?

     Sorry folks, like it or not, but to be gay is to be “different” than straight, and vice versa.  Call me homophobe if you want, I object to seeing a female in the Walmart men’s room, because she feels like a male. And neither do I want to see boys in the Walmart lady’s room, and I think most women would agree.

    Though he made nearly seventy films, Rock Hudson’s legacy is not as an actor, it’s the revelation that he was a gay man, after all.  Coming out of the closet basically erased his movies from the cable archives because folks could no longer perceive him as a leading man actor having romance with a woman. Yes, he was just acting, and we know that intellectually. But emotionally and psychologically, fans could no longer perceive Hudson as a heterosexual, leading man figure. And now that Jody Foster is out of the closet, I seriously doubt we’ll see any more movies with her in a straight, romantic role.

     This brings me to the controversy concerning the reality TV show, The Bachelor, which I never watch. Somehow, this egomaniacal girls-chase-boy extravaganza recently found its way into the news, not because of anything occurring in the show, but because of a few off-show comments by the Bachelor himself.

     Some ignorant reporter asked 32-year-old Juan Galavis the dumbest question: “What do you think about having gays on this show, or a gay version?”

     Who said, Don’t ask the question if you don’t want to hear the answer?

     First of all, it was a loaded question which received the desired results: Controversy. The reporter was looking for a “Gotcha.” It was also asked of the wrong person, who has nothing to do with producing television shows. Third, Galavis is just a pawn in the reality show industry, doing his assigned role, why back him against the wall with such a question?

     Galavis, a Venezualan who struggles a bit with English, responded that he thought it was a bad idea…not a good example for kids…”  And then this comment:  “There’s this thing about gay people… it seems to me, and I don’t know if I’m mistaken or not… but they’re more ‘pervert’ in a sense. And to me the show would be too strong… too hard to watch.”

     After reading the outraged responses by people and the networks, one would think he praised Hitler.

     He is a 32 year old man with his own opinions. Those opinions are shared by millions. He is entitled to his opinions. He apologized later saying he didn’t mean the term “pervert” as it was heard, that his command of English is not all that good.

     The Bachelor is a show about dozens of girls who seek the affections of one man. That happens to be a heterosexual-based premise. Galavis was raised in another country and another culture where views may not be the same as Americans.  Regardless, he is now being condemned by the pro-gay army and the media while the show’s producers are tap dancing with a torrent of apologies.

     It’s time to get real. I believe in equal rights for homosexuals, particularly when it comes to the rights afforded in the constitution. We’ve had wonderful gay people in the arts, the political arena, sports, and all other walks of life. That’s a good thing. But it’s not a good thing when someone is condemned for expressing a candid view, particularly when they were asked. There’s nothing wrong with a person who might feel that gay people are not exactly like himself.

     Like it or not, there is a difference.

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