Communism (Marxism) is all about government control of your lives. Ask any East European or Russian who managed to escape the Soviet Union in the latter 20th century what living was like under the yoke of communism. You don’t own property, you don’t have freedoms of expression, or a free press. You are assigned where to live and in many cases, the government assigns you a job/career based on the skills you’ve attained attending government institutions. Forget about freedom. It’s non-existent. The government is everything.

     Once considered the most evil form of government and the ultimate left end of the socialism scale, that’s no longer the case. Times have changed in 40 years. Today, some far-left politicians and other prominent Americans would have us live under communism as an alternative to capitalism.We now hear many leftists brand capitalism as the evil form of government.

     Not long ago I wrote about the serious threat of communism, its history, its present status and the possibility of it assuming power in this country in the future. Some folks ridiculed me as being a crazy “McCarthyite.”

     Pigeon-hole insults are easy. Americans do it all the time. If you don’t like Obama, you’re a racist. If you believe marriage is between a man and woman, you’re anti-gay. And if you fear communism, you’re a McCarthyite.

     Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy served in congress from 1947 to 1957. He became well-known for his rabid attacks against hundreds of prominent Americans, accusing them of being communists or communist sympathizers. At first, people listened, because the threat of communism raised valid fears around the world. Communist leaders had threatened to destroy America from within.

     McCarthy wasn’t totally wrong.  There were, in fact, many Americans who aligned themselves with the ideologies of Karl Marx and felt strong affection for the communist government of the Soviet Union. But McCarthy carried it too far. He became an obsessed nut ball, seeing a commie behind every government door, every movie actor and director, every union head, and more. He was eventually censured by the senate, driving him to drink, and then and early death in 1957.

     Nothing could have gone better for the communist cause because everyone thereafter who uttered fears of communist infiltration were deemed “McCarthyites.”

     Being called a “McCarthyite” today is nearly as bad as being called a “racist.”

     Kids and young adults know very little about communism. Little is taught in schools and colleges. Some far-left professors present communism in a positive light, suggesting that all benefits and services provided by government is evenly divided, with no such thing as upper, middle and lower class. There is no such thing as personal “success.”  All work is accomplished on behalf of the state. Some see that as the perfect world.

     The problem is that government dominated communism (and strict socialism) stifles creativity and ambition for those who seek to strive for an improved life. Your future is guided by the government, not by your energy, talents and dreams. It also breeds an entitlement mentality among the masses, whereby the more the government provides all services for free, the more they are dependent on a free ride. With that, people’s lives are fully controlled by a centralized government and deterred from pursuing personal dreams and ambitions.

     Under strict communism, everything is owned and provided by the government.  Doctors and hospitals work for the government. Health care services and supervised and monitored by the government. All education is provided by the government, to whom teachers and professors are beholden. There is no such thing as a free market or competition, because the wealth is spread among all classes (except the government elite, of course).

     Ever hear that phrase?  “Spread the wealth.” 

    Click here: I think when you spread the wealth around it’s good for everybody. – Barack Obama

      This leads me to mention a man named Frank Marshall Davis, poet, artist, journalist, political activist, and well-known member of the CPUSA (Communist Party USA).  Mr. Davis was a friend of Barack Obama’s mother even prior to Obama’s birth. When Obama returned to Hawaii from Indonesia at the age of ten, he lived with his grandparents and was strongly influenced and mentored for the next ten years by Frank Marshall Davis, who is mentioned endearingly in Obama’s book “Dreams of my Father” at least fifteen times, as “Frank.”

     Frank Marshall Davis was also very active in Chicago where he was a good friend and associate of fellow communist, Vernon Jarrett. They belonged to the same organizations together. Later on, in 1983, Vernon Jarrett’s son married a girl named Valerie who would be destined to become the second most powerful person in the Obama White House: Valerie Jarrett.

     The dots connect.

     Here is Valerie Jarrett in 2009 happily introducing Van Jones as a new member of the Obama White House. Van Jones is well-known as an unapologetic communist.

    Click here: ? Valerie Jarrett & Van Jones Talks About Transforming Society – YouTube

     In June 2009, White House Communications Director Anita Dunn addressed a group of High School students, praising Chinese communist, Mao Tse Tung. Short clip:

    Click here: ? Anita Dunn praises Mao Tse Tung – YouTube

     The CPUSA (communist party) has endorsed Obama in the 2008 and 2012 elections: 

     Books have been written about these connections. A plethora of information is out there for anyone willing to learn.

     A crack detective once told me, “Always look for the simple answer. It’s usually right.” It’s not all that complicated. Simply step back and look at the big picture, Barack Obama and the path toward government control over health care, and other constitutional issues such as gun control, free speech, invasions of privacy and more. It all falls in line with his teachings. It all leads to the absolute opposite of our founding father’s intentions: Government control over our lives.

     Is Barack Obama really a communist and a democrat in disguise?  Who knows, really?  We do know that Frank Marshall Davis later joined the Democratic Party because it provided him a comfortable platform for his agenda.

     In 1995, Obama was hand picked by then far-left state senator, Alice Palmer, D. Ill, to succeed her in the state senate. She helped launch his political career at a gathering in the home of Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn, well-known anti-American Marxists both. Alice Palmer wrote for the communist newspaper, People’s Daily World. She also attended the 27th congress of the congress of the communist party in Russia in 1986.

     Obama did promise a fundamental transformation of America. Five years later, we can see that’s a promise he has kept. But now, he’s got three lame-duck years left in his presidency, without having to worry about running for office again. What he needs most to succeed with his agenda, is a House and Senate full of lapdogs who will support him in every venture. He needs a democratic majority.

     The only way to reverse this trend is to strip Barack Obama of as much power as possible in the 2014 elections. It doesn’t matter who. It matters what. I am not a republican, but it’s only the republicans who can save the union from a two-year dictatorship following the 2014 election.         

     The takeover by communism (and Islam) would neutralize our constitution into a meaningless rag which would eventually be nullified and replaced. As for me, I’ll keep what we’ve had, it’s not perfect, but it’s freedom.

     Watch this 4 minute man-in-street video, produced by Mark Dice in San Diego…reveling ignorant adult Americans regarding politics, and communism in particular:

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