If you like war, battle and hero movies, you won’t want to miss Lone Survivor.

     Based on a true-life experience, the best seller book was written by the protagonist, Marcus Luttrell, who – in 2005 – was a member of Seal Team 10. Their mission was to seek, capture and/or kill a notorious Taliban leader in the remote and mountainous regions of Afghanistan. Things take an unexpected turn as the hunters (Americans) suddenly find themselves on the run, now hunted by an angry group of heavily armed Taliban, fighters. Only one American (Luttrell) barely lived through the deadly onslaught of gunfights, though horribly wounded in the process.

     If you don’t like violence, find a Disney or a romance movie, because this picture has thousands of bullets, grenades and mortar rounds exploding through at least half the picture. And, if you expect all of today’s motion pictures to include sex and sultry females, stay home.  This is one of the few adult pictures I can remember that hasn’t one female with a speaking part. And, as usual, the writers/director took some creative license to embellish the truth, especially at the end, but that’s Hollywood. I won’t reveal more than that in case you intend of seeing the movie.

     This kind of picture is made-to-order for he-man actor, Mark Wahlberg, who does a credible job as the Lone Survivor. I don’t see any Oscars in major categories. It received no nominations in the Golden Globes list.  But it is a good picture…if you like that kind of entertainment.

     One thing it does portray is American servicemen as true heroes. Regardless of our views of the war, American soldiers put their lives on the line to serve their beloved country. This movie brings that to light as good as any.

     I give this an 8 out of 10.

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