If you like boring movies, don’t miss “Her” starring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson as the computer voice of Her.

     Phoenix plays the role of a 40ish lonely fellow living in NYC, on the verge of divorce, trying to find some connection to the world. He works as a computerized letter writer and plays video games in his apartment to kill time, which he has plenty of. Meanwhile, he hooks into a relationship with a voice via O.S. (Operation System) where he meets a sultry Samantha which develops into a virtual romance, between a man with a body and a woman’s voice with no body.

     There must have been at least forty scenes where Joaquin is depicted in close-up pondering alone, walking alone, sitting alone, looking out a window alone, to the point where it simply became one long uninspiring film in which the ending could not come soon enough.

     The scene where Joaquin makes virtual love with a voice on a cell phone might have been imaginative to some, but it was terribly contrived and plain stupid, listening to the female voice reaching an orgasm by telephone with no body to begin with. Sorry, it just didn’t fly.

     The message of the film was grim, thinking about the future of mankind who stop feeling for one another with our mind and bodies and rely totally on electronics to fulfill our needs. We can look around restaurants, schools  and other public places and see that happening right now. One wonders where it will lead us to as a culture in another 50 years.

     Phoenix is normally a great actor, and so is Johansson. The wonderful Amy Adams plays a small part as an old friend of Phoenix in the movie. It was great to see her without makeup or sultry dress. But the acting did not stir the interest in wanting to see the picture to the end.

     Her is one of the movies nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture.  I must have missed something. I give it a 4 out of 10.

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