Having starred in over 90 motion pictures, Robert DeNiro is one of the great actors of our time. He’s one of the few who can never make a bad movie. Until now

     Okay. Grudge Match is not a terrible movie, but it’s “B” category at best, and sadly, beneath DeNiro.

     Some scenes are worth a chuckle, but the overall plot, dialogue and acting borders somewhere between dumb and stupid. Without DeNiro, this would be a complete loser, because Sylvester Stallone doesn’t possess the acting power to carry it by himself.

     Two old-time, washed-up fighters who were rivals thirty years past are somehow lured by a hyper-active, fast-talking promoter into a fight of the century, as these two bums still hate each other. Add to that, the old girlfriend, Kim Basinger, who – way back when —  had a kid by DeNiro, though she was really in love with Stallone. The kid, now 28, meets his long lost dad and agrees to be his trainer.  Puhlease.

     Needless to say, the predictable fight comes off with both geriatric athletes pummeling each other into faces covered with blood.

     The young man who plays the promoter, Kevin Hart, was an annoying character, guilty of overacting, hypertensive, babbling, unfunny and badly miscast. Perhaps the casting director was in need of a young, unknown black actor who would not cost a huge figure, because the lion’s share of the budget surely went to DeNiro, Stallone and Basinger and, by the way, Alan Arkin who played Stallone’s manager.

     It’s silly, poorly written, predictable and somewhat disappointing. Yet, it grew to be more entertaining as the movie moved to the final, anti-climactic half hour.

     I give it a 4 out of 10.

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