For those of you who love Barack Obama thinking he’s a great president for our time, let’s stop arguing – for a moment – about all our domestic problems like the disastrous Obamacare rollout, Benghazi, IRS scandals, monitoring news reporters and the AP, NSA, Fast and Furious, etc., not to mention the state of the economy. Let’s turn from those distractions and take a comprehensive look at the America’s current record in foreign relations.

     I’ve lived three-quarters of a century and studied the history of America in some detail. Never has the United States had poorer relations or suffered such a negative image across the continents, as today.  One hardly knows where to begin.

     Let’s start with the Islamic world, which transcends at least 57 countries. This was Mr. Obama’s first target, making his famed Egyptian speech, rife with references to the beauty of Islam, preposterously announcing that the United States is an Islamic nation. One would think that Obama’s bows and apologies and endless appeals sucking up to Islam at home and abroad would have bonded our country like never before. The end results have been nothing less than catastrophic.


     Obama’s unmitigated support for the notorious Muslim Brotherhood, including his demand that our thirty-year ally (and Israel’s ally) be removed from office (Mubarak), has backfired. Egypt was a relatively peaceful and stable nation until Barack Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood arrived on the scene. The wake of uprisings have left thousands dead and homeless, not to mention the destruction of Christian churches everywhere. With the secular Egyptian people at a crossroads between being a free society or suffering strict Islamist rule, the army found it necessary to retake the Egyptian nation before it was forever relegated to the yoke of Sharia laws and the suppression of rights for women and other religions.

     Secular Egyptians throughout the land have openly been protesting Obama vehemently as an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood and thus, a backer/cohort in Islamist conquest. The mainstream media played this down, electing not to show you.  Like this:

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In a word: Benghazi. Things are just dandy.

     What about al Qaeda?  Ghadaffi?  If you remember, in 2011 our president dispatched war planes to assist the “rebels” in overthrowing Ghadaffi the dictator who, incidentally, was posing no threat to the United States. Yet, without approval from congress, Obama acted in a warring manner (not very Nobel-like). In truth, he was assisting al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood seize power. And the result: One dead American ambassador and three other dead Americans, and another 20-30 American witnesses who have been ushered into hiding by the government. What transparency.


     A preponderance of evidence suggests the our administration had been filtering arms to the so-called “rebels” of Syria who, as it stands, were fighting side-by-side with al Qaeda, our arch enemy. Meanwhile, some politicians on both sides of the aisle insisted we help the rebels fight against Assad in getting him deposed.

     For an administration that is not supposed to be involved in nation-building or deciding who should run their governments, our country has blatantly assisted in the removal of two dictators and on the way to another in Syria. 


     Iraq is in more turmoil today than it was before the war began in 2003. Christian churches are being devastated, Christians are on the run and Al Qaeda has established a foothold. Suicide bombings with multiple killings are common. Some folks believe it would have been prudent to leave 10,000 American troops based in Iraq to help stabilize the country while establishing a logistical presence in the middle east in a nation we helped to “liberate” from a notorious dictator. Seems that didn’t help matters.


     Our relations have deteriorated badly in this war-torn country which appears on the way back to a Taliban-run society in many areas where women will once again become slaves to radical Islam. Obama’s discontent with generals in the field — what’s left of them — is well known, as he insisted on announcing a withdrawal date to the enemy as the war was raging on. Imagine that, a U.S. president telling our enemies when we’ll be leaving. Brilliant. That’s like a football quarterback announcing his plays to the opposing team.


     We certainly haven’t done much for the poor doctor who helped the U.S. intelligence nail down the hiding spot for Bin Laden. That doctor is now serving 33 years in prison for helping the U.S. kill our arch enemy, while we continue to pour foreign aid into that country. Our relations with Pakistan have not been worse, not to mention their country being bombarded with firepower from American drones to kill alleged terrorists, taking down civilians along the way.


     They own us.

 Eastern Europe:

     Those who were our allies over the years have taken a stand of tolerance of the U.S. as their thoughts and fears had no bearing on Obama’s decision to abandon the missile defense system for Poland and other areas of Eastern Europe. This was a Bush II initiative to help protect our allies from enemies to the east and south, with particular concerns about Iran’s nuclear build-up.

 All over Europe:

     Twenty-one nations are demanding a stop to the United States monitoring records and phone calls, especially among heads of state.  The level of respect and trust between our country and many European nations is at an all time low.

 United Kingdom

     You can only snub the royals and the British government so many times until it becomes clear how hostile this president feels towards our great ally who has stood shoulder to shoulder with our forces through many conflicts. When the administration elected to not send one high-level diplomat to the funeral service for Margaret Thatcher, yet himself, it must have been devastating to the people of that country. It was certainly embarrassing to ours.

Islamic Pirates:

     Still menacing the seas around the coast of Africa while we sit on our hands.


     On their way to nuclear weapons.  Meanwhile the general populace who would like to live free and in a more western-styled manner, are subjugated, suppressed and held under the rule of Islamist supremacists. Nothing has improved. When Obama had an opportunity to intervene and call for change in 2011, as he did in other countries, and as Iran citizens protested Islamist rule, he sat on his hands and said/did nothing. Compare that to the support he gave the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria.


     Somalia, Sudan Nigeria, Mali, and other countries are in constant turmoil as churches are burned, Christians are murdered, and Islamist militants terrorize the people.

     Robert Mugabe, in power over Zimbabwe wince 1980, continues to commit atrocities, human rights violations, vehement anti-white policies, and racking up tortures and dead bodies which the world ignores, including the great liberator, Barack Obama.

     Not a peep. 


     Our president has used our aerial technology to commit murders in other countries with whom we are not at war, (Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan) claiming we are only targeting terrorists.  Collateral killings, i.e., non-terrorists, women and children, are just too bad. Over three thousand have been killed in Pakistan alone, estimating at least 10 percent killing non-targeted civilians. 

     Here’s a perspective: Imagine Russia flying into the skies of Texas or Tennessee firing death missiles at people they declare their enemy. That would be cause to file arrest warrants for murder.

     Consider this: Drones also arrange the deaths of al Qaeda operatives so that they cannot be interrogated for information, or transported to prisons in the United States. Those kinds of trials might conceivably unearth a great deal of information which, it appears, this administration would prefer to remain under wraps.


     Our relations with Israel have never been worse since Israel was formed as a sovereign nation in 1948. Speaking from two sides of his mouth, this president publicly states that we cover their back at the same time calling for Israel to scale back their borders to pre-1967…which everyone knows, would be an act of national suicide. This fits totally within the unending demands of HAMAS, PLO and terrorist organizations everywhere.

     Once the enemies of Israel would take control of the Golan Heights, the attacks to follow would make the thousands of Gaza rockets thus far fired into Israel look like a school yard firecracker party. The prime minister of Israel, ever careful with his words, is the first prime minister to ever deal with an adversary in the White House.

     As I write this article, the U.S. government is under fire by the Israeli government for ratting out our long-time ally to Syria and the world. In fact, Israel’s air force did strike a Syria military base which targeted a large cache of weapons being readied for transport to Hezbollah. The White House confirmed the strike. Israel called it “scandalous.”

     What a guy.

     Meanwhile, Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry – as this is written – is threatening Israel to cooperate with the Palestinians lest they be subject to a “third Infitada. (Ergo, another Islamic war on Israel)

     Since the day Obama was elected, I’ve oft asked the question, “whose side is he really on?”

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     Think about all these aberrations the next time you’re prepared to defend Barack Obama as successful statesman. He speaks with convincing tones but he also knows how to lie and make himself believable. Most sad, is the gullibility of the American people.

     Dr. Joseph Davis, long time medical examiner from Miami Dade, once told me, “Marshall, never mind what people say. Always follow the evidence.”  And there it is.

     Remember, also, all these American failures when thinking about the wonderful job Hillary Clinton did as Secretary of State for four years. And she could be our next president?

     Are you kidding me?

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