Has anyone considered the possibility that this is happening as intended? Could it be that the president is actually relishing the Obamacare trainwreck? Have we all been duped … again?

     Negative fallout of Obamacare and its mounting problems would seem like it spells doom for the system. Not only is it rife with computer system glitches, the costs are rising for millions, many millions more have seen their insurance canceled, small businesses are changing employment policies to lower their risks, doctors are running and medical facilities are dropping out.  It is one huge clusterfreak.

     Since 2009, the president lied many times over with continuous statements that people would still be able to keep their doctors and their insurance policies and that their premiums would drop. He must have known better, because they are all proving to be falsehoods. But Mr. Obama has long enjoyed his coat of Teflon, no matter how egregious his actions, decisions, or behavior, he comes out smelling like a proverbial rose. So, don’t make bets that he’ll be impeached anytime soon.

     But if this is as intended all along, what could possibly be the motive?

     Answer: Single payer.

     Barack Obama had touted his support of a single payer health system long before his run for the presidency, and even during the campaign as he openly advocated for this to union crowds. Check out this short video from 2008 (54 seconds):

     Click here: ? Obama on single payer health insurance – YouTube

     Some people might be asking, what does it mean to have a single payer system?

     In a nutshell, it means the government is the sole payer. The government would pay for all health care, there fore it would control all health care. Goodbye insurance companies. Goodbye choices. The government basically takes control of our lives…and that includes all service providers.

     This would be a giant step toward communism, the long range goal, with which the president has been closely associated most of his life starting with his early mentor, Frank Marshall Davis.

     Obama knew he could not sell a single payer system through the congress, but he could sell a complicated monstrosity called Obamacare, like a snake-oil salesman telling people everything they wanted to hear even thought he knew they were lies every step of the way. If Obamacare collapses, he will tell us all that the only way to save it all will be a single payer health care system. He will appear as the great rescuer of a failing health care law, by implementing the single payer plan. The mainstream media will praise him.

     That goal will be made easier if the house and the senate are held solely by democrats in the 2014 election cycle. Obama’s intentions and ultimate power will depend heavily on the election results in twelve months.

     How would total government-controlled health care be paid for? 

     What do you think?

     Taxes. Yours and mine, as the government literally “spreads the wealth.”  The Obamanites will tell you that the raising of taxes will be offset by the elimination of insurance premiums. Many will feed into that propaganda. And by the time it’s implemented and the math comes clear, we’ll realize how badly Americans will have been screwed. Then, it will be too late.

     Thus, your humble blog writer is smelling a rat, that this debacle is going as planned because it will all lead to a desired final solution.

     Watch and see.

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