Where are women’s humanitarian groups from the U.S. and around the world, demanding that Islamic cultures everywhere put a stop to the degradation, subjugation, torture and even murder of women as a practiced ritual at the behest of men, while the world turns a blind eye?  Where is NOW and so many other women’s rights groups that worry more about about government sponsored birth control, yet look the other way when it comes to millions of brutalized women of fundamentalist Islam?

     Beware.  Some of the links (below) provide disturbing photos and videos of women and girls in Islamic nations who are abused worse than animals. 

     Not all of these practices are made public for obvious reasons. But those in the know, are quite aware of the horrors that women live under when a nation goes totally Islamic. And, these things go on behind the scenes in nations where Islam does not dominate… yet.

Extreme Abuse and Killings of Women:


    This link is from an article posted by Debbie Schlussel, a Michigan attorney/blogger who has been in the fight against radical Islam. The Ethiopian woman, domestic servant, is hogtied upside down from a hook, then beaten by Saudis. Reasons don’t matter.  Horrible.

     Click here: VIDEO: Saudi Muslims Hang Black Ethiopian Maid From Hook, Beat Her to a Pulp; Tape It For Their Entertainment#more

     Slavery may have been abolished by Saudi Arabia, but it still goes on in Islamic countries behind the scenes, disguised as anything but slavery, servitude, exchange labor, domestic help, etc.

     More recently, Taliban has asked the government to return to the Islamic rule of death by stoning for adultery, which had been halted during the U.S. occupation. 

     Click here: Afghanistan considers reintroduction of public stoning for adulterers | World news |

      Nearly all executions for adultery are against women. If a woman claims she has been raped, Sharia provides that she must produce four witnesses to confirm, and they must bemale. Otherwise, she can be found guilty of adultery.

  Click here: ? Afghan woman executed for adultery – YouTube

      Here is a CNN video of 17 year-old girl sentenced to death by stoning for dishonoring the family:

     Click here: ? Honor Killing – Iraqi Girl Stoned – YouTube

Another stoning:

Click here: ? Graphics 18+ Kurdish Girl has been killed in Iraq, Islamic Iran use similar Sangsar (Stoning) – YouTube

      Female torture in Bangladesh…just watch to the one-minute mark. Notice the amused crowd forming an arena:

Click here: ? female torture in bangladesh part 1 – YouTube

      Two lovers, stoned to death in Afghanistan as crowds watch and cheer, like it was a special sporting event.

 Click here: Video: Shocking footage emerges of Taliban stoning couple to death – Telegraph

      Notice how crowds assemble to chant, cheer and provide support to the torturers. It goes on in many countries of the middle-east, Asia and Africa.  This woman was stoned in Africa, another Afghanistan.  I could list dozens more from all over the world.

 Click here: – Woman being stoned to death somewhere in Africa – VERY GRAPHIC

 Click here: HORRIFIC! Woman being stoned to death by the Taliban in Pakistan 

 Female circumcism

      Female genital mutilation is rampant in Islamic cultures, particularly in Africa where 27 countries (Wiki) practice the ritual. To a lesser degree, the same barbaric practice takes place in the middle-east and Asia.  According to Wikipedia, 125 million females have been subjected.  Caution: The following photos are very graphic.

Graphic photos below: 






This one (below) was subtitled “Quranic Path



     In some Islamic countries, it’s not uncommon for men (brothers, fathers, husbands) to throw acid into a woman’s face as punishment, scarring her for life.  They feel it is their right, and rarely are charged with a crime. Here’s a few pics to ponder:

Click here: Faces Of Islam (12 photos)

Honor Killings:

     Honor killings usually victimize girls and women who have dishonored the family, by refusing an arranged marriage, leaving Islam, refusing to cover, dating a male outside of Islam, etc.  It’s estimated that some 5000 females are killed by a father, brother, husband each year, in many countries around with world, including some in the United States.  Some known statistics are found in this Wiki file:

     Click here: Honor killing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

     Seven years ago when Turkey was being criticized for the numbers of honor killings, the statistics dropped, but not because the killings stopped. Islamic families learned a new way of killing their wives and daughters by forcing them to kill themselves, therefore listing their deaths as suicides.

     There have been a number of recorded honor killings in the United States, where fathers kill daughters and husbands kill wives, feeling justified under the laws of Islam. The most celebrated was the owner of a “moderate” Muslim television studio in New York who beheaded his wife because she wanted a divorce.

     One can only surmise the oppression women live under behind the scenes, in Islamic-only communities, No-Go zones, and dominant Islamic nations like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Somalia. A woman dares not express inner-most feelings for fear of being beaten (as permitted in the Quran) or murdered. Even in westernized nations, pockets of Islam-only communities have been known to practice strict Sharia without being reported to the media or local authorities.

     In one American case, the Islamic father who strangled his daughter actually appealed his conviction feeling that Islamic law allowed him the right.

     Click here: Father strangles daughter in ‘honor killing’; loses appeal | Georgia News – WYFF Home

      Another killing of two teen sisters by their irate Muslim father, because they enjoyed the company of non-Islamic boys. Big news in Texas.

     Click here: Documentary about Texas honor killing hopes to bring justice and understanding – Dallas Islam |

      And the beat goes on.  Beatings, stonings, genital mutilation, scarring and outright murder, not to mention absolute control over the rights of women within the family for absolute fear of all of the above. Just because millions of these women are not abused, doesn’t mean they are not subjected to miserable lives. Women in some countries cannot drive, cannot vote, cannot attend schools, cannot travel or do anything without the permission of a male.  They cannot live free, for no other reason than they are females born to Islam. Just like slaves, they are the sole possession of dominant males for whatever use, much like a camel

     The Muslim Brotherhood has declared their intent, in writing, to conquer western nations in this century where all human beings will be required to: 1) Convert to Islam, Pay a Dhimmitude (non-Islam tax) or be killed. The first steps have already been taken while our heads are buried in the proverbial sand.

     Women: Do you want this for your great-grandaughters? If not, start thinking BIG, because the small stuff won’t matter any more.

    Anyone interested in follow-up education about these barbaric practices, suggest reading books and essays by Somali escapee, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a very courageous woman.