Republicans who are urging Senator Ted Cruz, R. Texas, to run for president in 2016 should think twice. He would make hypocrites of every republican who challenged Barack Obama’s eligibility for not being born in the United States. After three years of criticism and doubt, Obama suddenly produced a birth certificate in 2011, which purports to be authentic from the state of Hawaii. There are many who believe the birth certificate to be layered by computer graphics technicians.

But that’s not the issue here. There are no doubts about the birth place of Ted Cruz. He was born in a country called Canada, not the United States, for which there are no questions. Therefore, he is not a natural born citizen, though a citizen by virtue of being born to two parents who were.

The hullabaloo over Obama has mostly centered on his alleged birth in Kenya, which is just as much another country as is Canada. I am personally convinced that Obama was not born in America, for various reasons, which would make him ineligible to be the president, just as Kissinger and Madeline Albright were ineligible because they were born outside the U.S.

Ted Cruz might be a really good guy who would make a good president. But we can’t promote a double standard, just because he’s republican with Hispanic roots.

The argument that both his parents were U.S. citizens does not stand. What is inarguable is where he was born. That’s what matters. It has sure mattered in the disputes over Barack Obama.

The framers of the constitution inserted that clause in order to avert anyone rising to presidential power that might have a divided loyalties and/or allegiance to another country. I’m sure Senator Cruz’s loyalty is 100% American. He also knows his eligibility will become an issue, which is why he recently renounced his Canadian citizenship.

Doesn’t matter. He’s ineligible. And all the birthers who have jumped on Cruz’s bandwagon will be making hypocrites of themselves, which will bode poorly for their political agenda. Democrats will seize the opportunity to make a really BIG DEAL about his place of birth, and with good cause.

To the Tea Partyers and Republicans: Find another Hispanic to support. You’ll lose again with Ted Cruz.

Take a closer look at Susana Martinez, republican governor of New Mexico, who is enjoying the highest approval rating of all 50 governors of this country. She was born in El Paso, to Hispanic parents, went to law school and became a District Attorney.

Being Hispanic and female, she’d cover two bases of important bloc voters. And, from all accounts, she appears to be highly respected.

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