Remember when ….

     1.    Doctors and professional athletes made cigarette commercials?

     2.    The Pledge of Allegiance was all about …the Pledge of Allegiance?

     3.    Everyone knew the name of the heavyweight boxing champ?

     4.   “Communism” was considered bad because it oppressed billions elsewhere?

     5.    There was no need for a “war on drugs?”

     6.    Movie actors/actresses kissed with their lips first?

     7.    Pop music had melody? 

     8.    We measured accomplishments by accomplishing, not money?

     9.    Student failings had consequences, like redoing the same grade.

    10.   No one could expect a free ride from government unless truly disabled?

    11.    Everyone in high school knew who the non-virgins were?

    12.    It was a big deal to hold hands?

    13.   “The “F” word was not spoken in the presence of a lady?

    14.   “Gay” meant “happy?”

    15.    There was no such thing as “air conditioning?”

    16.    We all remembered music by Stephen Foster?

    17.    Boys would never take “typing” in school?

    18.    People wrote letters by hand?

    19.    Measuring a celebrity’s’ beauty had little to do with breast size?

    20.    A U.S. President was respected by most everyone, no matter political party?

    21.    Placing bets for winning numbers was a criminal act…until the state did it?

    22.    Milk was delivered to homes, in bottles, with cream at the top?

    23.    Young men opened doors and pulled chairs for a girl.

    24.     “Rich” wasn’t a dirty word?

    25.     Space travel was purely a fictional concept?

    26.    The words “Islam” or “Muslim” never entered our vocabulary?

    27.    Families sat around a table, home or away and actually spoke to each other?

    28.    Institutions existed for the severely mentally ill, and they weren’t jails?

    29.    Disrespect to teachers, policemen or parents brought consequences?

    30.    We all knew the words to the National Anthem and America the Beautiful.