Miley Cyrus is a classic example of what has gone wrong in America.  For more reasons than one.    

     In case you missed the latest performance of the “matured” Miley Cyrus at the 2013 VMA Award show, take a few seconds to check out the video.  It’s video #2, scroll down, (after the 30 second commercial, sorry):

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     Just what we want for our impressionable kids, an American role model feigning dry sex on stage with some male stud, holding an oversized suggestive finger, slinging her tongue around like a whip and prancing half naked to what some people think is music.

     I have a beautiful 9 year-old great-granddaughter, who might think that Miley Cyrus is a cool lady. It worries me. I hope she never sees this performance, because it shatters the purity of youth and everything we don’t want in terms of values for our kids as they grow up. Yet, announcers delight in the extremism and praise her performance as though it had anything to do with talent.

     I may be an old fogey, but I consider myself fairly open and liberal in trying to adjust to modernization. I know all the arguments about Elvis and his Pelvis in the Ed Sullivan Show, but there must be a limit somewhere, sometime, somehow. What will it all become in another fifty years, naked orgies on stage in future music shows, no holds barred, showing our kids that unlimited drugs and sex is the way to go? Probably.

     And while we’re talking about the despicable Miley Cyrus, let’s talk drugs. This girl, who is an icon to millions of other girls who grew up loving her as Hannah Montana, openly and proudly announces the joys of pot, how great it is to get high and tacitly recommends drug use to kids. (See link below) Never mind that studies have proven that early and regular use of pot has many harmful effects, to an including; 1) reducing I.Q.  2) Lethargy, lack of ambition  3) Memory impairment 4) Paranoia and schizophrenia  5) Driving impairment and 6) Yes, it can be addictive to people prone to addiction which then make it 7) A gateway to other more dangerous drugs

     Good going Miley. Whatever the good parents in this country are trying to achieve by guiding their kids into a safe, moral and productive life, you work at tearing down. You have abandoned your role as an icon for young people in this country by endorsing immorality, indecency and the bottom of the values pool.

     At least Elvis Presley had talent and he worked his way to stardom on the bedrock of natural talent, neither of which Miley Cyrus knows anything about. If she were not born to a famous performer with a silver spoon in her mouth, she would just be another plan-Jane cheerleader in some school campus. Without her entourage, she’s nothing; she can’t sing, she can’t dance and she can’t act. She’s at her place in life thanks to her wealthy father.

     And while we’re at it, let’s talk about Billy Ray Cyrus for a moment, a mediocre country singer who rose to stardom as a one-hit wonder. Billy Ray was asked about his daughter’s actions on a recent talk show where – as a father – he basically excused, dismissed and endorsed his daughter’s public antics saying: “That’s my Miley. She’s an artist.”

     Good going Billy Ray. You just legitimized debauchery to a few million young people. You are not only gutless but a poor excuse of a father who should set and hold standards for your kids and their morals. A father’s (and mothers) role in life is not to be liked, but to be respected. It’s obvious Miley didn’t respect her parents nor does she care what he thinks or feels, she’s got him pegged and he cowers in the face of upholding standards.

     This was a father’s opportunity to say, “I don’t approve.”  That’s all it would take. The impression would be everlasting, and whatever damage it caused to their relationship would be repaired with the healing of time and maturity. At least he would have set a standard, that parents do not want to see and hear their kids like that. And when Miley Cyrus reaches age 30, 40 or 50, she’ll look back with disdain at her own actions.

     Entertainers, especially the rappers, the singers and the very young, implant a huge impression on the lifestyles of young kids, not just the upper teens, but the6, 9 and 11 year-old many of whom, these days, have unbridled access to the world of depravity through electronic media. Such is the challenge for good parents who work hard at guiding and loving their kids into safe, moral and productive lives.

     Too bad that didn’t work so good for Miley.

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