This is an issue for which there is no one to blame except Mother Nature.

It’s is not about democrats or republicans, terrorists or pacifists.  It’s not even proven as a looming disaster, but it should concern us all especially people who live on the western side of the United States.

If people dig hard enough they will find a number of articles, blogs and information disseminated on the I-net that should cause concern about growing health risks connected to the Fukushima nuclear meltdown following Japan’s tsunami of 2011.  I’m not claiming all this to be true, but I do think it prudent to share what information I’ve stumbled on with readers, so they can judge for themselves and act accordingly. It’s worth a look.

Some of the more extreme notices allege that Americans have already been suffering an increase in deaths and disease from contaminated foods, particularly seafood, that have reached the shores of California to Alaska. These concerns, they say, also seep into the irrigation and agricultural systems which can contaminate vegetables, water and more.

One might ask why the major media systems have not reported these concerns. There would be two feasible answers:

1.  They’ve all been checked out and there’s no news to be concerned about

2.  To avoid national panic while evidence is still murky and unsubstantiated.

Meanwhile, I might start asking my local grocers where the fish and vegetables come from before I buy. And, I will learn about the proper way to decontaminate or wash foods. I’m not an alarmist, but I have been around long enough to know that nuclear contimination in the human body manifests in two speeds: Fast and very very slow.

Better safe than sorry.

The L.A. Times recently published an article which de-emphasizes the risks, but carefully leaves the door open for concern down the road.Click here: Is our seafood radioactive, or is it safe to eat? – latimes.com

 South Korea is banning all seafood from Japan