This is purely a commentary by yours truly, my opinions about the looming WWIII that may likely follow any military strike we impose on the Syrian regime.

     In many of the 540 or more blog articles I’ve posted over the last five years, I have dutifully tried to share what knowledge I’ve gained from the mountains of research conducted about the Muslim Brotherhood and its role on the global stage, including within our own country. Some readers choose to label me a right-wing nut who dismiss me as a surrogate of FOX News and Rush Limbaugh. Shallow thinking, indeed.

      People are entitled to believe what they wish. My research began when I embarked on writing my book “Militant Islam In America,” which entailed studying three dozen books authored by intellectuals and experts on radical Islam and the political scene in our country. That, plus thousands of articles from hundreds of sources, some left, some right, some the product of knowledgeable experts in the field.

     Here’s what I have learned.

     The Muslim Brotherhood has one goal: World domination by fundamentalist Islam. And to accomplish that, they foster terror organizations, like HAMAS and al Qaeda. They also develop “peaceful” organizations to deceitfully and carefully appear “moderate” in the eyes of the media.  More than 31 of those organizations are currently active in the United States with the expressed long range purpose of Islamizing the western hemisphere before the end of this century. They have infiltrated our educational systems, our colleges and universities, our legal systems, military, media, financial institutions and the government itself, much more so since the election of Barack Obama.

     Written documents authored by the Muslim Brotherhood hierarchy (meant to be secretive and discovered by law enforcement agencies) call for the destruction of America “from within.”  (See below for link)

     Emphasis: From Within!

     Early in the presidency of Barack Obama, I tried to alert readers with my suspicions that this man is no more of a Christian than Genghis Khan, He joined a so-called “Christian” church – headed by America hater Rev. Jeremiah Wright, cohort of Islamic leader, Louis Farrahkan – in order to present the facade of being Christian to secure voters, i.e. rise to power. Such was the reason he joined the Democratic Party, to fit within a supportive power base posing as a “liberal.”

     After studying Obama’s history, including associates and influences from birth, to college, to politics, it is my opinion that his primary mission on earth is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, and has been since the 1980’s and 90’s. He must be highly cautious to steer his image in other directions. Americans, sadly, are gullible enough to believe everything he says.

     This assessment personifies the “from within” that the Muslim Brotherhood has promised to deploy when the manisfesto was authored in the 1991.

     All other matters, to Mr. Obama, are secondary.  He is play-acting the role of president as his close advisors make most decisions. His goal is to weaken the United States militarily, economically, and morally, for which he has succeeded. More than anything, he must say and do everything possible to gain and retain power. That entails the creation of an entitlement society so that government dependents amass an insurmountable power base. He is a master at photo ops and speech making, most of which he hasn’t a clue what to say until he reads the prompter.

     He has employed Islamists in the White House, the Justice Department, the State Department and more, many of whom have been associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. He has ordered the de-emphasis of “Islam” in federal law enforcement and military training, as it relates to international terror. He would not even allow the Ft. Hood massacre to be labeled correctly; “Islamic terror.” Barack Obama is a blessing to the radical Islamic propaganda machine.

     Hindsight being 20/20, the middle-east crises of the last 32 months becomes crystal clear. Every word, and every action he has taken in regards to all the uprisings in the middle-east, including Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria, has been to the benefit and support of the Muslim Brotherhood.

     Bear in mind, this began halfway into his first term. The Muslim Brotherhood knew they had an ally in the White House, though that could possibly change with the election of 2012. Thus, there was no time to waste. The uprisings – which we stupidly believed was an “Arab Spring” – had to begin in early 2011 in case a new president took office in 2013 who would not be their ally. Of course, it worked out for the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama was reelected.

     Obama called for the removal of Mubarak, our 30-year ally, knowing the Muslim Brotherhood was poised to seize power. He deployed American military strikes in Libya to help the Muslim Brotherhood get rid of Ghadaffi.  Remember, while Mubarak, Ghadaffi and Assad have been heavy handed dictators, they all outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood because they knew what they stood for: Extreme fundamentalism and a return to 7th century Sharia systems.

     The Benghazi fiasco, resulting in the deaths of four Americans, reeks to high heaven from day one. Since, the administration tactics have been to ignore the situation long enough hoping it’ll go away. There is outrageous corruption associated with Benghazi, and – in my opinion – is likely related to the Muslim Brotherhood and its covert shipping of arms to the Syrian rebels via the American ambassador. Obama is always on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood.

     Now comes Obama’s frenetic push for strikes against Syria’s Assad because he allegedly used chemical weapons to kill a lot of kids. Here are my calculations about that:

  1. It’s ludicrous to suppose that Assad would deploy such weapons in the eyes of the world when they are actually winning the war, knowing it might draw a severe retaliation. It makes NO SENSE.
  2. There is evidence to suggest – much more logical – that chemical weapons were covertly used by forces among the rebels, i.e. al Qaeda, in order draw support from the United States…which in reality, would be in support of the Muslim Brotherhood. If Kerry and Obama made their argument strong enough, people might actually believe it was the doings of Assad.
  3. Obama is between a rock and hard place. Thus, the reason for the façade about seeking support from Congress. If he gets the support, he could blame congress for any of the disastrous fallout. In the meanwhile, there would be a regime change that favors the Muslim Brotherhood.  If he does not get the support from congress, he will have an excuse to sell his friends in the Muslim Brotherhood.

     This, along with Egypt and Benghazi, have become a tougher sell than he ever imagined.

     Have no doubts. Everything happening over there is perpetuated for and by the Muslim Brotherhood. They are making their big move, the proverbial “hail Mary,” essential for establishing the future caliphate they promised in 1928.

     In September of 2001, we were attacked by terrorists who were led by a former prodigy of the Muslim Brotherhood: Osama Bin Laden.  Only seven years later, we elected a friend of the Muslim Brotherhood to run the country they have promised to destroy.

     That’s how I connect the dots. It is clear.

     I have backed it up with numerous articles in the last five years, the one most comprehensive of which is linked below.

     Meanwhile, hear is the Manifesto of the Brotherhood, read in English starting on page 17:

     Click here:

      This article received more responses than any article I ever posted. It was also read on National Radio.

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And for a treat, spare eleven minutes to watch this stab-in-the-heart narrative by Judge Jeanine.  At the very end she asks, “Mr President, you received a Nobel Peace Prize?  Give it back!”  She puts it together better than anyone.

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