Most people don’t know how Al Sharpton rose to prominence in America. Notice, the omission of the term “Reverend.”   So here’s an update.

     In 1987, Tawana Brawley, a teenage black girl from a southern New York town claimed she had been kidnapped, raped and sodomized by six white men who wrote racial slurs on her body in feces. One of the accused was a local prosecutor, another was an off-duty police officer. The others were decent citizens with no past records. She was missing for four days.

     The case went viral when Sharpton and two other of his cronies licked their chops at the sound of an egregious white-on-black crime and hit the streets with outrage, stirring racial hatred along the way assembling the vengeance machine. Sharpton led a team which created as much news as did the recent Trayvon Martin death. Black America was up in arms. The media went wild. Newspapers sold like crazy, television news had their headlines.

     It was all a hoax. Common sense could have weeded through the lies easily enough, but by the time Sharpton and company had publicly committed themselves to ranting against the white establishment, it was too late. After a year of intensive investigation and a grand jury that heard from 180 witnesses that generated 6000 pages of testimony and examined over 250 items of evidence, it was determined to be a lie. No rape occurred at all. There were not even any physical signs of rape. If the police were allowed to do their job as experienced investigators, the Brawley case would have been washed out as phony based on sheer evidence instead escalating it into a national fiasco, costing taxpayers millions for an alleged racial-hate crime that never happened.

     Brawley had a nefarious history of being gone from the home for several days, socializing with boys, for which she had received beatings by her mother. This time, she avoided her mother’s wrath by forming a diabolical plot that could have been detected if anyone dared to step back and use their common sense.

     But Al Sharpton was thinking more about Al Sharpton, than he was Tawana Brawley. It was his ticket to stardom in the arena of race-baiting for which he has never relented.

     A couple years earlier, in 1984, Bernard Goertz shot four black men on a subway stain. Sharpton assembled his Pied Piper followers and initiated a barrage of hate marches against the white establishment. Never mind, that Mr. Goetz was in the process of being robbed by a gang and was in fear for his life. Other than being guilty of illegally possessing a gun, the case was dismissed as self defense. Sound familiar?

     There were many more, a couple of which were cases in which blacks were, indeed, wronged by whites. In those cases, the justice system didn’t need Al Sharpton, it worked fine without him.

     Sharpton is the consummate racist, proving that the media accepts black racism as legitimate. Mr. Sharpton’s myopic vision focuses directly against white people as they may or may not be guilty of crimes against blacks, evidence be damned. He pays no attention to the enormous, abysmal crime rates of blacks against blacks, be they rapes, murders or assaults. He pays no attention to the enormous, abysmal record of violent crime against white, by blacks, which is ten times greater then the reverse, though the black population is only 13 percent.  All that doesn’t matter to Al Sharpton. All that matters is Al Sharpton leading the charge against whites.     

     National attention rained down upon the Zimmerman/Martin fiasco when, if anyone really stepped back and examined the evidence, without conjecture based on emotion, the evidence totally supported a case of self-defense…upon which race had no bearing.

      As prominent medical examiner, Doctor Joe Davis advised me long ago, “Marshall, you must always follow the evidence.”

     If the media and Al Shaprton and the Jacksonville prosecutor and others had simply followed the evidence, George Zimmerman would not have to live in hiding for the rest of his life.

     Meanwhile, Al Sharpton prevails, whether right or wrong, because he stimulates the emotional weaknesses of people, evidence be damned. Sharpton is a one-dimensional little man who became famous on the single platform of being a reverse racist, which is okay by MSBNC, where he is – amazingly – now employed.

    Racism is certainly despicable behavior. Which is why so many Americans find Al Sharpton a despicable human being.

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