Ever since the anchors of three major networks traveled with candidate Senator Obama during his campaign in Europe in 2008, it became crystal clear which political direction the news media was leaning.  Add to that, the fact that None – that’s Zero – of the major network anchors traveled with Sen. McCain during similar trips, which speaks loudly which way the media would be slanting anything and everything that had to do with Barak Obama.

     It proved to be true. For five years, the major news networks have been complicit in minimizing any of the scandals concerning Obama, to the point of allowing other less important issues to take the forefront. You see, we are not only swayed by what and how the media chooses to report news, we are also swayed by what they do not report.

     Now, through a blast of e-mails from fellow Americans, I’ve learned how blatant the relationship between media and the Obama administration really is. Check out the existing marriages between the two:

     CBS:  David Rhodes is the president of CBS.  Benjamin Rhodes is his brother. He is also the deputy national security advisor for strategic communication, and a speechwriter for Barack Obama. He wrote Obama’s famous Cairo speech in 2009, and wrote many of the Benghazi talking points, to mention a couple. It is unimaginable that CBS, considering this current marriage, would report anything that was negative about the Obama administration, unless their backs were against the wall. 

     ABC:  Ben Sherwood is the president of ABC News.  Whaddaya know. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, his sister, is actively employed as special national security advisor to President Obama and senior coordinator for defense policy.  She has a direct influence on White Hoouse talking points concerning Benghazi.

     ABC:  Claire Shipman, ABC News contributor, is married to Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary.

     CNN:  Virginia Mosely, senior executive and bureau chief with CNN, (formerly 18 years with ABC) is married to Tom Nides, who – until he resigned in February of this year, was Deputy Secretary of State for Management Resources under Hillary Clinton

     NPR:  Ari Shapiro, is the White House Correspondent for NPR.  Michael Gottlieb, a lawyer, is her husband – and – he is employed as White House Counsel.

    NBC/MSNBC:  While I found no siblings or spouses linked between Obama and the media here, I rest my case as follows:  Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Chris (Leg Thrill) Matthews, Joe Scarborough, Lawrence O’Dennell, et al.

     Rest assured, the news media is a toxic agent for mind-manipulation. That is, if we allow it.

     Is there anyone dumb enough to claim that these news agencies would remain totally neutral and independent in their reporting practices? That we can rely on our mainstream media systems to be unbiased and informative about all matters relating to the president, regardless if they are damaging or not? Are we supposed to believe that the spouses and brothers of people working in tandem between the political inside and the media outside are independent of each other?


     The democrats way outsmarted the republicans when it came to imagery formed by the news media. Republicans put their eggs in one basket (FOX) while the remainder of the mainstream cabal continually make the president look good, no matter how bad he should look. And that’s what sways voters.

     Must hand it to the Obama team, they knew going into the race in 2008, that luring the news networks would translate to what would and would not be covered, and how, with a mission to ensure the president’s image remained clean and spiffy.

Keep them in the family.  

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