Imagine how much different the world would have been had the German people of 1933 rose up in response to learning they had been duped into electing an evil, totalitarian, fascist regime? Even if it meant Germans and other Europeans would die protesting and fighting, the desperate need to defeat Hitler’s Nazis to protect the future of German children, and of all nations, would have eclipsed all other issues lest the world would suffer the most immense tragedies in the history of man.

     But they did not rise up. Sixty million-plus people died and the rest of the world was devastated with endless war casualties, destroyed cities, economic struggles and bitterness. It brought on the cold war and many other conflicts in its wake.

     The Muslim Brotherhood of Islam is akin to the Nazi Party of Germany. They are infused with hatred, using religion as a cloak by which to impose strict sharia law, oppression of women, intolerance of other religions and the indoctrination of hatred into children. Killing means nothing, provided it enhances the common purpose.  

     As riots rage on in Egypt, I support and feel admiration for the civilian resistance to the Muslim Brotherhood. They are doing what Germany should have done in 1933-34. After one year of oppressive rule, where Christian churches are being burned, Jews are expelled and strict Islamic laws have been imposed, the people woke up. Its populace issued a resounding “No” to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood may have won some political seats and the presidency in an election, but much of the Egyptian people were unaware what lay ahead until they actually took power.

     For freedom and prosperity for the Egyptian people, it was a case of now or never.

     True to their manifesto, the Brotherhood used propaganda, deception and the appearance of “moderation” in winning the hearts and minds of Egyptian people. In one year, those people realized they had elected the most fascist organization on the face of planet Earth who fundamentalist Islamist laws would revert freedom-loving Egyptians back to 7th century, where women are treated like property, gays are executed and Christians and Jews are outlawed unless they pay a dhimmitude. 

     Such were the reason leaders like Assad and Mubarak outlawed the Brotherhood.

     The Muslim Brotherhood is more dangerous than the Nazis because the SS and the Brown Shirts wore uniforms. People knew who they were. They were unambiguous.

     The Muslim Brotherhood uses stealth, wearing suits and ties with intent to seem “moderate” in order to fool western institutions. They have rooted in on a global scale, throughout all western societies using religion as their Trojan horse of legitimacy.

     The so-called “Arab Spring” across the middle-east was a movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood to seize power, including Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and now Syria. Our president and his administration certainly knew this from the outset. Osama Bin Laden and his chief underlings were graduates of the Muslim Brotherhood. The HAMAS and al Qaeda organizations were spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood. This is common knowledge to anyone who has studied and witnessed the progress of the Muslim Brotherhood.

     Formed in 1928, their purpose was to recapture and install the powerful caliphate which collapsed after WWI. Their manifestos and strategies, using deception and religion as a primary subterfuge for conquest, are well-known to government officials — the ones who are conscious. Yet, like fools, we coddle them. Our government supported their rise to power in Egypt and Libya, just the way they had hoped. We have employed several people connected to the Muslim Brotherhood inside sensitive positions of our government, including the Secretary of State’s inner circle. Now we’re preparing to support the “rebels” in Syria, who are allied with al Qaeda. 

     Have we gone nuts?

     Whatever the Egyptian people and their army must do to prevent fascism and tyranny from taking over their liberties is justified. We should be in support of all freedom-loving people, and vehemently oppose anything to do with the Muslim Brotherhood.

     Don’t hold your breath.  

     If it goes the other way, the way of the Muslim Brotherhood, the middle-east will ultimately regress back to the 7th century from which they may never recover. And it will spread throughout the rest of the world. That is their stated destiny.

     Such is the reason America must care. It is why we must be involved. The setback for the Muslim Brotherhood is vital for us all.  If we remain complacent, or stupidly support the wrong side, it will affect more than the Egyptian people. A century from now, America will be an entirely altered nation, with Sharia replacing the constitution. Thus, we are at a crossroads.

     Do we want that for our grandchildren’s kids?

I wrote this prophetic article almost two years ago to the day:


This is the MB manifesto for conquest of western society. The second half is in English: