Americans want to see the Ft.Hood butcher get what he deserves.  After all, he murdered 14 unarmed Americans (including a fetus) and tried to kill 28 more, shooting them all in a vicious rampage. Most folks think he deserves nothing less than the death penalty.

     Nidal Hasan, should absolutely not receive the death penalty!  I say this not because I’m a bleeding heart. Because – it’s far too good.

     How often do we speak about people who have passed away and we say, “Now he sleeps in peace?

     Why should we want Nidal Hasan to sleep in peace? He is an Islamist terrorist who fooled our hapless military command by successfully acting as a mole and using taxpayer dollars for support and education before poisoning the minds of our military personnel with Jihadi propaganda. Finally, he carried out his despicable plan to murder as many innocents as possible in one rampage for no other reason than them being Americans and non-Muslim infidels.

     Most importantly: The death penalty would provide him – and the Islamist Jihad world – martyr status. He’ll be marked a hero among millions of hating Islamists who want to see all of us dead. He’ll be a symbol of Jihadi heroics. Others will revel in following his footsteps to a path of glory. That glory can only come in the form of death. In other words, more will follow…if he dies in the name of Allah.

     It is what he wants! It is what the Jihadis want. It accomplishes the mission, and we’re about to fall into that trap.

     Entering into the death void is not a punishment. He will hear, see and know nothing. He will be free. The Jihad world will not deem that as punishment, but as a golden path to Allah and whatever awaits in paradise. It will pose no deterrent, only a desired mission for more Jihadists.

     He wins, we lose. Americans in general, haven’t got a clue into the mind-set of these maniacs.

     If we want to impose a significant punishment – one that he and other Jihadis will dread – think about this:

     Confine Nidal Hasan to a solitary cell for life, with three meals a day, medical care and basic needs. Just like most death row cells in America’s state prisons, he will have no social contacts in or out of the cell. He can have three showers a week. No visitors, other than legal aids.       

     Emboss photographs of all the victims on the ceilings and walls of his cell. With special electronic audio systems, pipe in the voices of the thirteen families who have lost their sons and daughters, wives and husbands, moms and dads, so they can express the impact Mr. Nidal had on their lives. Include the surviving victims of the shooting, not with hate messages, but messages of forgiveness, over and over again for the next fifty years, sixteen hours a day, allowing time for sleep, food and prayer. Caution must be used that it is not perceived as “torture.”  It should not be torture, only retribution and justice from which he cannot escape.

     He should hear how little boys and girls no longer have a father or mother, how the spouses must struggle to take care of fatherless families, how moms and dads live with broken hearts over the senseless loss of their sons and daughters. Not once or twice in a courtroom, but over and over for fifty years. Not loud, not angry, not insulting, no expletives. Peaceful messages for which he will have no option to pull the plug – for a natural lifetime, starting at 6 a.m. and ending at 10 p.m. every day and night. That’s punishment, well deserved. 

     If  Hasan is sentenced to life behind bars without social or Islamist contacts, it will send a message to the world of Jihadis. You cannot attack our country and wage war, kill and maim our citizens at random, and then expect to enter into the gates of paradise.      

     Respecting religion is good and proper, when religion teaches love and harmony for all mankind. But when religion is used as a cloak for evil, disharmony and murder, it nullifies respect. Sadly, such evil and disharmony is what Islam teaches in a huge segment of the world. The Center for the Study of Political Islam estimates that Islam is responsible for 270 million deaths in the 1400 years of its existence, all in the name of God. In the last ten years alone, Islam is the root of over 20,000 acts of deadly terror around the globe.

     There is too much emphasis on the death penalty as an ultimate punishment. Nidal Hasan would dread life in a lonely cell and revel in dying. Why give him, and the world of Islamic crazies exactly what they hope for?

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