I have learned to believe nothing that comes from the mouths of this administration. Whether we look at Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the IRS probes, the NSA intrusions, the DOJ targeting news reporters, the cover-ups and lies are enough to make the Nixon group look like a bunch of political Cub Scouts. The Obama team has been confirmed as professional liars and we won’t even touch on the fallouts from Obamacare.

     Now we are facing an American military action in Syria, as the administration claims that Assad’s regime has used chemical weapons again its citizens, killing scores of children and more. Horrible, indeed.

     It may be true. But, it may not be true.

     First, we should look at who has the most to gain and most to lose.

     Most to lose would be Assad.  He and his group must know that the UN and the world theater would turn into an instant enemy and that his regime would be short-lived if western nations entered into the war on the side of rebels. If there was any tactical gain by the Assad forces, someone would have to show me. I don’t see it.

     But there would be much to gain by the rebels (and by the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda) if the world – particularly western nations – were on their side, convinced that Assad was using chemical weapons. 

     Thus the question: Where is the clear evidence that chemicals, in fact, were used by the Assad forces? Could this have been a tactical maneuver by al Qaeda and the rebels to feign victimhood in order to gain allies?  Is it possible that the chemicals were actually deployed by the rebel side, including al Qaeda, only to blame Assad? After all, here we are, ratcheting up an assault against Assad, just as the rebels and al Qaeda would hope.

     Assad denies the use of chemicals.  And, he has more to lose than to gain by using them. Perhaps he did, but it’s improbable in the mind of this writer.

     Bear in mind, that al Qaeda has access to chemical weapons, as suggested in the article link (below) where Iraq had uncovered a similar plot.

     Another grisly fact the administration is failing to tell us, is the looming defense of Assad if Russia and/or China decide to defend their Syrian ally. This could be the foreseeable war to end all wars if we end up fighting Russia and China, over an issue for which we’ve been cleverly duped.

     I’m not suggesting this as fact, but I am leery of an administration whose upper echelon would go to great lengths to have us believe that the killings of four Americans in Benghazi was due to an angry response to an insulting video and not a planned Islamist attack which the administration – in fact – knew about in real time. And then it spent two weeks perpetuating the falsehood on news channels including a lie to the United Nations by the president himself.

     And I never fail to remember that this president has been supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the array of uprisings in the middle-east since 2011, and has personnel working in sensitive government positions who are or have been aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.

     Al Qaeda managed to kill 3000 people in America on September 11, 2001. They have been engaged in mass murders around the world ever since. They are our sworn enemy. How could we possibly fight with them, side by side?

     It would mean they won, and we lost.

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