Justice prevailed. Thank goodness.

     Sadly, there are two victims in this case. Yes, Trayvon Martin was too young a person to have lost his life. It was a tragedy, indeed.

     George Zimmerman has also lost his life, while alive. While he may be gratified by the Not Guilty verdict, it’s not all over for Zimmerman and his family. He will have to sit on the edge, waiting to see if Attorney General Eric Holder will do what the feds have done before in these kinds of volatile, race-driven cases, by filing federal civil rights violation charges against Zimmerman. Regardless of federal charges or not, he will have to live in hiding, maybe for the rest of his life.

     Zimmerman could easily endure another two years of nightmares until a federal prosecution fails, and he is once again found Not Guilty …because he IS not guilty. They would do it only to pander to black racists like Al Sharpton, calling for vengeance, because the lawyers all know there is no legal case here.

     This sick and twisted mentality will continue fanning the flames of racial hatred, until one-day, some innocent citizens find themselves at a darkened intersection with a gang of angry blacks rocking their car, turning it over, and then bludgeoning the occupants to death for no other reason, than being white. That’s what happened in Miami, May 17th, 1980.

     And for what?

     Let’s boil the facts down to the bare essentials. 

     George Zimmerman is a decent man living a decent life, categorically proven to be a non-racist with various racial make-ups among his family, friends, and kids he mentored. He is well liked by everyone. He was performing a service to his community which many of us would appreciate, acting as a watch officer of sorts, to keep the home owners safe from thefts and break-ins. He had often called in to non-emergency police numbers if and when he thought there might be a suspicious loiterer in the area. Many of us would love having someone like that in their housing development.

     He’s armed, because he has a legal permit, and because it’s a precaution just in case he’s ever confronted with a life and death situation. That’s highly unlikely, but it can happen.

    It did happen.

     Zimmerman was doing his job, nothing else when he spotted Martin and rightfully called in to the police. Martin was relatively close to his home and could easily have continued on and there would never have been a problem.

     But Martin made a choice. Yes, Trayvon Martin made a choice, he brought it all on himself.

  1. Martin could easily have gone home, nearby, and there would have been no confrontation. But he didn’t.
  2. Martin could have turned to Zimmerman and confronted him verbally like, “Are you following me? Get away or I’ll call the police.” Or .. “Get away or I’ll kick your ass.” Zimmerman would likely have backed off.

     But Trayvon Martin made a different choice and that choice was to sucker punch Zimmerman in the nose, knock him to the ground, and then whack his head against the sidewalk.

     I want every reader to think a moment. Have you ever had your nose slammed with a surprise sucker punch in the dark, and then find yourself being mounted and punched out by an angry young man (please, spare me the “child” adjective) and you are suddenly stunned in instant panic mode. You’re not thinking about rule books and laws and procedures. You’re thinking about survival because you are in sudden dire fear and in great pain and you don’t know what’s next. You’re overwhelmed. And it’s at this point – feeling that you are now in a life/death situation – that you pull the weapon that you are permitted to have for this very purpose. And you fire.

     Anyone else in those same circumstances would have done the same thing.

     Had Zimmerman not fired his gun, the body left on the street that night would likely have been his, his head a bloody mass of mush. And Martin could still have quietly reached home, leaving this just another whodunit for the police that would never have had any attention from the media.

     Trayvon Martin was no angel. He was a kid from Ft.Lauderdale with a history of drug use and was on suspension from school when the incident occurred. They had found burglary tools in his book bag along with a dozen items of jewelry, believed stolen. The jury as not allowed to hear these things.


     Zimmerman is a victim. The media fueled the flames of racial hatred which the race baiters fed in to, and the case became a non-justice issue, but a political vengeance issue. And George Zimmerman – a decent man – will never live a normal and peaceful life because of it.

     There was no hard evidence of 2nd Degree Murder, or any other crime. It did not exist, and that’s why the police and the local prosecutors had not filed charges. Then came the politicians and the race-baiters. Someone from above pressured the governor and the Duval County Prosecutor caved in and filed charges they knew could not be sustained in a court of law.

     Shame on every person, every politician, every reporter, white or black, who didn’t bother to examine the bare facts and see the obvious…that George Zimmerman simply used the last resort in a frantic, perilous situation, just like they all would have done in the same circumstances.

     So easy to judge from the comfort of an arm chair.

     We will never become a truly color-blind society if the issue of race, not facts, is continuously used to flex muscles.

     If the racial equation had been black on black, black on white, or white on white, the shooting in Sanford would have been a blurb on the back pages of the local paper.

     But it didn’t happen that way. And George Zimmerman has a tough road ahead still. The nightmare will follow him the rest of his life.