The Anthony Weiner fiasco is a good example of why this nation is in such bad shape.  We keep electing the cream of the crap.

     The problem is not about democrats and republicans, rich vs poor, men vs women, black vs white.  It’s about the dumbness of voters who don’t care about integrity of public officials. Rather, what’s more important are the freebees that candidates will give out in exchange for votes.  It doesn’t matter if a politician can look into the eyes of Americans regurgitating one lie after another. What matters is if there are enough voters who don’t care about lying and deceiving.  It’s mind boggling.

     When a public official deliberately lies to the public, whether personal or politically based, he unveils a sociopathic personality disorder. Sociopaths feel no sense of guilt or responsibility, regardless the subject matter.  A sociopath is someone who will say anything that benefits his agenda, truth be damned and feel no guilt or remorse or responsibility. Most career criminals are sociopaths. They are the kind of people who should never be trusted with public service with access to sensitive information or to whom we instill trust of our tax dollars.

     When first caught with his vile actions on the Internet, Weiner told one lie after another trying to deflect responsibility, even claiming that his account was being hacked. It was not until the evidence was clear and made public that he had to come clean. But he still had the chutzpah to run again, thinking stupid people won’t care about sleaze. That’s what he thinks of all New Yorkers. He thinks they’re stupid.

     It is an audacious insult to America, not only from the person who runs, but from the people who vote for him. Yet we pass it off like it’s politically normal.

     Weiner is motivated by his enormous ego, his infactuation with power and his wife, Huma Abedin, none of which is a good reason to elect him into a powerful office.

     Now, Weiner is being careful about choosing his words because he knows the Internet is the blue dress that will catch him in more lies. But – and get this – he is still one of the leaders in the polls. Amazingly, people by the thousands are prepared to elect this sleazebag even though he has Internet sex with multiple women, regardless of his marriage and of his political constituency.

     Politicians who can openly lie to the American people should be banned or removed from holding public office. Why? Because it is proof they cannot be trusted with our laws, our tax money or our national security.  How ignorant can we be?

     Bill Clinton? Mark  Sandford?   Marion Barry? Hank Johnson?  Elliot Spitzer? And so many more, all political hacks who have lied to America until their backs were against the wall. Then they had the nerve to run again or remain in office as though it didn’t matter. Meanwhile, the jury is still out on a number of other scandals, including the Benghazi cabal of high level politicians.

     Actually it’s not their fault. It’s the fault of voters.

     Spare me the excuse that lying is not illegal. It’s just as bad to be immoral as it is illegal. It’s time that we establish standards for holding office for all candidates, such as:

  1. You knowingly lie, you’re out.
  2. You conduct yourself immorally, you’re out.
  3. You accept favors for favors, you’re out.

     America dumped President Richard Nixon in 1974, mainly for being a notorious liar. Too bad it didn’t catch on.

     The curious question is why Weiner’s wife who so dutifully and publicly stands by her man, no matter his sleaze. What kind of woman would tolerate the repeated disloyalty, the public humiliation and the utter violations of his vows after barely three years of marriage?

     That will be answered in the next blog. Stay tuned.