The following article was published in today’s issue of four Scripps newspapers on the Treasure Coast of Florida, from Vero Beach to Stuart. Because enrollments and passwords are now required for on-line access to any article from a TC Palm newspaper, I’ve re-printed the article in this blog:

It would seem, the most important issue in foreign policy decisions, is doing what’s best for the people of the United States.

     So, let’s sort this out.

     After more than two years on the sidelines, the Obama administration is now authorizing nearly $1 billion dollars in “humanitarian aid” to the Syrian rebels in their war against the Assad regime. How does this benefit the United States?

     According to USA Today, (April 11, 2013) and many other sources, the Syrian rebels are fighting side-by-side with al Qaeda, the terrorist hate organization that wants to destroy America, the very group that perpetrated 9/11 killing three thousand Americans in one day. Looming in the background is the Muslim Brotherhood, the most prominent Islamist organization in the world, who has risen to power via the middle-east uprisings since the so-called “Arab Spring.”  This is the same organization whose once-secret documents clearly outline their intent on destroying the United States. So, by sending our tax money to the rebels which will benefit al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, we are providing proxy funds to the enemies of the United States.

     Would someone explain why that is a good thing?

     Neither is this helping our relationships with other countries, namely Russia, who Mr. Obama promised more flexibility once re-elected.

     Our presence in helping to rid Libya of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 only served to heighten tensions as minions of the Muslim Brotherhood took over. Seems everything we do in the middle-east is to their advantage.

     Everywhere the Muslim Brotherhood has seized power, strict Islamist law has been imposed, creating misery for Christians and Jews who are on the run in Egypt. Though a minority, Christianity is protected in Assad’s Syria, as it was in Hussein’s Iraq, and will likely find themselves in the same situation as the fleeing Egyptian Coptics if the rebels, and al Qaeda, win their struggle.

     This is not to mention the on-going array of beheadings and other atrocities being perpetrated by rebel forces who we are now supporting. Have we lost our minds?

     The Obama administration is also inviting thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States. Just what we need. Why not bring over oppressed refugees from Sudan, Somalia, Mali, Liberia and Nigeria, and more? Let’s house the world community in our nation. Then what?

     We are entering a lose-lose situation, while spending billions of American tax dollars which, it appears, is not in the best interest of American citizens. The only good that can come of it is eliminating Assad in establishing a new government.

     But, is that a really good thing? Changing regimes does not guarantee something better. It got worse in Egypt and Libya is not doing any better. Ask the Christians who fled Lebanon in the 1980’s about Islamist oppression.

     Maybe we’d do better to take care of our own, and keep our noses out of places it doesn’t belong.

     Abraham Lincoln said, “You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can never please all the people all the time.”

     President Obama, take heed.