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In May of last year I wrote a blog excoriating the media and the Duval County State Attorney for charging George Zimmerman with a crime they absolutely knew was not provable. Now that the trial is near an end, the evidence is more clear that Zimmerman will be rightfully exonerated. This case would never have been brought to court if it were not for race baiters like Al Sharpton, the sensation-baiting media and the wimps in government that forced the case into a courtroom in order to appease a few angry people, facts be damned.
Having been involved in several white versus black criminal cases in my years at Miami-Dade PD, and the lead investigator of the infamous McDuffie case which led to the Miami riots of 1980, I fear for the yet unnamed victims of hate and vengeance that will emerge from the streets around the nation when the Not Guity verdict is announced.  There’s no doubt that angry people are conspiring right now in living rooms and bars in cities around the country to spark the retribution party, which will catch on when the fires are lit and the blood is spilled.
The stage has been set. And people like Sharpton, and all those reporters that portrayed Zimmerman as a beast and Trayvon Martin as an innocent “little boy” will have blood on their hands, like the same news organization that altered audio tapes to deliberately make the defendant appear as a racist when he’s not.
Yes, the blood will also be on the hands of whatever short-sighted politicians forced this case into the media spotlight, to and including the president of the United States who should have kept his mouth shut when he did not have access to all the facts, showing himself the amateur that he is with premature bias.
The only thing I was wrong about in my blog of 2012 is that the judge did not throw out the charges. But that’s no surprise. Meanwhile, everyone knows this case has fumed into a tinderbox ready to explode. Just like in Miami of 1980 and L.A. in 1992, there will likely be victims spilling blood for folly. That’s when Mr. Sharpton and his ilk, and the unrepentant media, should surrender to the same State Attorney and plead guilty to inciting riots.
I so hope I am wrong.
Yes, it’s too bad that a young man of 17 lost his life. He could easily have turned around that night and verbally challenged George Zimmerman for following him, and order him to back off or he’d call police. Instead, he took another approach, the approach of thugs, the approach of violence. That is what caused this tragedy, a young Trayvon Martin resorting to physical violence and instilling deadly fear into the heart of George Zimmerman.
My heart goes out to George Zimmerman and his wife, who will likely have to live in another country in fear for the rest of their lives, because angry people and groups like the New Black Panthers will be stalking him for retribution, as they already promised. Will they get away with it? Will they be given a pass, just like the pass that was given by this top politicians when they intimidated white voters at the polls in Philadelphia in 2008?  
Here’s the article from 2012. Nothing has changed. Meanwhile, keep your doors locked. This won’t be over when verdict is reached. What a sad state we live in.
I so hope I am wrong.


     Note:  The author of this blog site usually separates articles published in newspapers from those that appear in blogs, to avoid overlap. Because blogs do not have word count limits and political correctness is not an issue, there is more freedom in imparting views and information. Articles that are submitted to newspapers are not always published. This was one of them.

Anthony Weiner has a right to run for public office, including Mayor of New York City. If he wins, New York will get what they deserve.

     The idea that any American would cast a vote for someone whose most notorious life’s accomplishment is sending photographs of his genitals for display over the Internet, gives me the chills. That, while newly married, by the way. One word comes to mind: Sleaze.

    Is anyone paying attention? Who else will we be electing as our vital representatives with no concern about their honesty, moral values or levels of patriotism?

     America has elected known crooks and dope-heads and put them back into office. A southern state congressman was caught hiding $90,000 in drug /bribe money in his refrigerator, yet the voters of Louisiana nearly re-elected him back into office? A popular WashingtonD.C. mayor did time for illegal drug dealing, then was re-elected to the city council after leaving prison.

     A president can lie directly into the camera to the American people, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…” with his wife by his side. Though he was a proven adulterer and liar, the American people turn a deaf ear. They don’t care. Charisma and charm mattered most. In truth, Bill Clinton was exposed as an adulterer long before he became a president.

     Morals meant nothing.

     The list is long. In 2009, South Carolina governor Mark Sanford lied to his aides and voters claming he was somewhere he wasn’t as he carried on an adulterous affair with a woman in Argentina. Now, he’s back in the race, garnering votes from people who don’t care.

     We have no standards.

     I think about law enforcement officers, firemen and librarians throughout the country who would never he hired if they used the Internet for sexual photographs, or were proven prevaricators. But it’s okay to elect their bosses, regardless of moral turpitude.

     Now we have an Attorney General who has often been in the hot seat dancing with words to cover his butt. It is obvious to anyone who is conscious that he lied to congress about his role in recent scandals. Yet, the president stands by him and congressional representatives are at a loss what to do. We, the people, are stuck.

     To investigate the Attorney General would require appointing a special prosecutor. But who does the appointing? Ah yes, the Attorney General.

     If our nation is going to survive a challenging future, we must start setting revised standards for people that are running for high office, or we will crumble from within. The constitution was ratified in 1791 long before the melting pot grew from three million people in 13 states to three-hundred million people in 50 states. The standards for president, senate and congress, and even mayor, should be much more specific and stringent to assure us, the American people, that we are electing folks who have been thoroughly vetted and screened as would an FBI agent, local cop or a Navy SEAL.

     We should not accept sleazes, liars and crooks as our representatives, and they should be categorically banned from public office. It also certainly sends terribly wrong signals to our kids.

End of article

Note: As of this posting, Anthony Weiner is the front funner for NYC Mayor.


     p.s. For those unaware.  While a congressman, Anthony Weiner married Huma Abedin; he a devout Jew and she a devout Muslim. Huma Abedin is the closest confidante and aide to Hillary Clinton, for the last eighteen years, including her time as Senator and Secretary of State. Ms. Abedin was raised in Saudi Arabia, later educated in the U.S., and whose parents and brother are closely aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood. At Georgetown, Ms. Abedin was also a ranking member of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) a notorious, pro-Islamist, anti-American campus organization.


The secular Islamic world is rising up against strict Sharia Law.


Keep your eyes on Egypt and Turkey.

I have often written, that the majority of Muslims in the world are peaceful, only interested in living their lives like all human beings, with love, peace and respect for others. But the minority of Muslim Jihad supporters, who make up a huge force to reckon with around the globe, are indoctrinated with the belief it is their duty to Allah to conquer all civilizations with Islam, as the Prophet Mohammed declared before his death. According to most Islamic Jihad scholars, (Pipes, Spencer, Horowitz, Emerson, etc.) the percentage of Muslims who are indoctrinated with a Jihad frame of mind, would total only about 15% of their population. The only problem is that 15 % of 1.4 billion people is 210 million people. That’s a helluvan enemy.

(Jihadists are those who support Islamic supremacism and the march toward global conquest, whether through violence or stealth infiltration)

Until the over throw of Mubarek, Egypt was basically a majority secular Muslim state, allowing and protecting Christians and Jews, acknowledging the right of Israel to exist and an ally of the west. Then came the “Arab Spring” which so many misty-eyed liberal people thought was a good thing. They didn’t look past their noses, because it soon became obvious that the “Arab Spring” protests were nothing more than a deceptive ploy to install the Muslim Brotherhood into power, not only in Egypt but other countries of the middle-east and North Africa, Libya, Tunisia and Syria included.

And, it worked. Until now.

The Egyptian people are rising up. They know that living under strict Sharia – which is the cornerstone of the Muslim Brotherhood – brings a state of subjugation and/or slavery to women and harsh, fearful laws that include the death penalty for homosexuality and apostasy. Other religions, i.e. Christianity and Judaism, are no longer welcome in Egypt since the MB rose to power.

Conquest by the Muslim Brotherhood will eventually bring a fascist ideology to any country under the yoke of Islamist domination.

The USA Today (June 30, 2013) reported that 22 million Egyptians have signed a petition calling for the removal of Mohammed Morsi. Twenty-two million! And vast protests by anti-Morsi/anti-Muslim Brotherhood Egyptians – by the millions – have assembled in record numbers in cities all over the country.

While we hear little of this in the media, this is a booming rejection of Sharia and the Muslim Brotherhood by the people of Egypt. Since late last year, violent protests have been waged throughout various cities in Egypt, each demanding change from the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi. As usual, the media sanitizes the impact of these protests by calling the “soccer riots,” but the truth is that the majority of the Egyptian people are begging to remain a secular state — which will not happen under the Muslim Brotherhood. In the Egyptian elections a year ago, sixty percent of voters elected the secular opposition, though Morsi still rose to power.

Meanwhile, our president is showing his true colors. He was fast to call for the removal of Mubarak 2 ½ years ago in response to the “Arab Spring” protests. But he is not so fast to acknowledge the will of the Egyptian people today. Instead, Barack Obama is staunchly supporting Mohammed Morsi, i.e the Muslim Brotherhood – the avowed enemy of the United States. Through his appointed ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, the U.S. government has told Egyptian Christians to refrain from protesting the Muslim Brotherhood.

Huh? Our president is telling another country’s people when they can and cannot protest a government?

Not only that, it appears U.S. troops are on-the-ready to be deployed to Egypt to assist the Muslim Brotherhood in quelling the uprisings sometime in July. (According to report in Jihad Watch, by Robert Spencer, based on his sources at See article below) Egyptian citizens, fearful of the Muslim Brotherhood, are expressing their disdain at the U.S. support for Morsi and the MB with chants and signs calling Barack Obama a supporter of terrorism. The love affair with Islam that began in the beginning of his first term is crumbling. It appears the secular Islamic world sees through the facade and want no part of strict Sharia.

 Hillary Clinton is held with equal disdain as her motorcade was pelted with stones, tomatoes and water bottles in July of 2012. And recent signs by protesters have been raised with unloving messages to the former Secretary of State. What happened to all those great relations promised by Barack Obama? What about that peaceful world by the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize? How’s foreign relations going since Barack Obama has been in office?

If, in fact, President Barack Obama and his team are in support of the Muslim Brotherhood, which appears obvious, America is in dire straits.  Why? Because the MB has vowed to conquer the west. That’s in writing!

Switch focus to Turkey. Plenty of protests there. They are going through the same struggle. Don’t be fooled by the media and the U.S. propaganda machine. The people of Turkey are protesting to remain secular state, rejecting the imposition of Sharia laws as it appears the present Turkish regime is leaning toward. Remember, the Muslim Brotherhood was originally formed in 1928 to re-establish the Ottoman caliphate that crumbled in Turkey after WW I. But that’s for another article.

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