Should people of this country be upset if a radical Muslim in the U.S. came along and profiled forty-one unarmed Americans for being Non-Muslim as a reason to shoot them all at point blank range with intent to kill, succeeding in murdering fourteen? (fetus included)

     Should we be more upset if that radical Muslim had been educated on the taxpayer’s dime, through medical school and a degree in psychiatry?

     Should we be even more upset if that radical Muslim pretended to be a loyal American by enlisting in the United States Air Force salaried at $60-plus thousand dollars a year, plus benefits, using the system to penetrate our military as a terrorist mole, and actually succeed?

     Should we be upset if military personnel had witnessed several examples of Islamic extremism concerning this man for months prior to the shootings, to and including classroom pronouncements of anti-American sentiments, that he supported suicide bombings, and no one did anything about it because they didn’t want to be accused of profiling – a Muslim?

     Should we be more upset if our intelligence knew this radical was in regular contact with a known al Qaeda leader and nothing was done about it because he was a Muslim?

     Once the shootings were over and the dust settled, should we be upset if the president refused to come out and acknowledge this was an act of Islamic terror? Rather, he and his government would coin the tragedy as “workplace violence.” Should we be upset over that?

     Should the 28 survivors and the families of the dead  be upset that our government is denying enhanced benefits for combat injuries to victims because the shooting was not classified as an “Islamic terror attack?”

     Shouldn’t the president require that on-duty soldiers on a military base be armed, concluding that if any one of the 41 victims had possession of a loaded weapon at the time, the shootings would have ended immediately, with far less innocent casualties and perhaps, no deaths at all?   

     Should the president suggest that any of those victims might look like his son or daughters?

     Should the Non-Muslim citizenry of the United States have formed organizations around the nation to protest Muslim aggression and profiling, including marches, speeches, threats, spawning hatred and arm-twisting politicians to create stricter laws against Muslims in the military and arming on duty soldiers?

     How about that, Mr. President?  MSNBC? CNN? Al Sharpton? Jesse Jackson?  Race baiters everywhere? Aren’t American servicemen worth protests against profiling? 

     Meanwhile, NBC and other rabble-rousing mdeia outlets, where are the media photos of a boysih, meek Nidal Hasan, juxtaposed to the big military bullies?

     How many of these readers know that the Ft. Hood trial against Nidal Hasan is now under way and a jury is seated. It’s not even mentioned in the Sunday paper and barely in any of the network newscasts, buried by an unending story of one Florida man who killed someone in self defense.

     Thirteen of our precious American military were killed in cold blood on a military base by another serviceman who any idiot could have known was, at the least, a sympathizer to Islamic Jihad. And another 28 suffer with wounds. Yet, it’s zero news. And, it’s only “workplace violence.”   

     Where is the outrage to all of this? It doesn’t exist.