The secular Islamic world is rising up against strict Sharia Law.


Keep your eyes on Egypt and Turkey.

I have often written, that the majority of Muslims in the world are peaceful, only interested in living their lives like all human beings, with love, peace and respect for others. But the minority of Muslim Jihad supporters, who make up a huge force to reckon with around the globe, are indoctrinated with the belief it is their duty to Allah to conquer all civilizations with Islam, as the Prophet Mohammed declared before his death. According to most Islamic Jihad scholars, (Pipes, Spencer, Horowitz, Emerson, etc.) the percentage of Muslims who are indoctrinated with a Jihad frame of mind, would total only about 15% of their population. The only problem is that 15 % of 1.4 billion people is 210 million people. That’s a helluvan enemy.

(Jihadists are those who support Islamic supremacism and the march toward global conquest, whether through violence or stealth infiltration)

Until the over throw of Mubarek, Egypt was basically a majority secular Muslim state, allowing and protecting Christians and Jews, acknowledging the right of Israel to exist and an ally of the west. Then came the “Arab Spring” which so many misty-eyed liberal people thought was a good thing. They didn’t look past their noses, because it soon became obvious that the “Arab Spring” protests were nothing more than a deceptive ploy to install the Muslim Brotherhood into power, not only in Egypt but other countries of the middle-east and North Africa, Libya, Tunisia and Syria included.

And, it worked. Until now.

The Egyptian people are rising up. They know that living under strict Sharia – which is the cornerstone of the Muslim Brotherhood – brings a state of subjugation and/or slavery to women and harsh, fearful laws that include the death penalty for homosexuality and apostasy. Other religions, i.e. Christianity and Judaism, are no longer welcome in Egypt since the MB rose to power.

Conquest by the Muslim Brotherhood will eventually bring a fascist ideology to any country under the yoke of Islamist domination.

The USA Today (June 30, 2013) reported that 22 million Egyptians have signed a petition calling for the removal of Mohammed Morsi. Twenty-two million! And vast protests by anti-Morsi/anti-Muslim Brotherhood Egyptians – by the millions – have assembled in record numbers in cities all over the country.

While we hear little of this in the media, this is a booming rejection of Sharia and the Muslim Brotherhood by the people of Egypt. Since late last year, violent protests have been waged throughout various cities in Egypt, each demanding change from the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi. As usual, the media sanitizes the impact of these protests by calling the “soccer riots,” but the truth is that the majority of the Egyptian people are begging to remain a secular state — which will not happen under the Muslim Brotherhood. In the Egyptian elections a year ago, sixty percent of voters elected the secular opposition, though Morsi still rose to power.

Meanwhile, our president is showing his true colors. He was fast to call for the removal of Mubarak 2 ½ years ago in response to the “Arab Spring” protests. But he is not so fast to acknowledge the will of the Egyptian people today. Instead, Barack Obama is staunchly supporting Mohammed Morsi, i.e the Muslim Brotherhood – the avowed enemy of the United States. Through his appointed ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, the U.S. government has told Egyptian Christians to refrain from protesting the Muslim Brotherhood.

Huh? Our president is telling another country’s people when they can and cannot protest a government?

Not only that, it appears U.S. troops are on-the-ready to be deployed to Egypt to assist the Muslim Brotherhood in quelling the uprisings sometime in July. (According to report in Jihad Watch, by Robert Spencer, based on his sources at See article below) Egyptian citizens, fearful of the Muslim Brotherhood, are expressing their disdain at the U.S. support for Morsi and the MB with chants and signs calling Barack Obama a supporter of terrorism. The love affair with Islam that began in the beginning of his first term is crumbling. It appears the secular Islamic world sees through the facade and want no part of strict Sharia.

 Hillary Clinton is held with equal disdain as her motorcade was pelted with stones, tomatoes and water bottles in July of 2012. And recent signs by protesters have been raised with unloving messages to the former Secretary of State. What happened to all those great relations promised by Barack Obama? What about that peaceful world by the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize? How’s foreign relations going since Barack Obama has been in office?

If, in fact, President Barack Obama and his team are in support of the Muslim Brotherhood, which appears obvious, America is in dire straits.  Why? Because the MB has vowed to conquer the west. That’s in writing!

Switch focus to Turkey. Plenty of protests there. They are going through the same struggle. Don’t be fooled by the media and the U.S. propaganda machine. The people of Turkey are protesting to remain secular state, rejecting the imposition of Sharia laws as it appears the present Turkish regime is leaning toward. Remember, the Muslim Brotherhood was originally formed in 1928 to re-establish the Ottoman caliphate that crumbled in Turkey after WW I. But that’s for another article.

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