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The Anthony Weiner fiasco is a good example of why this nation is in such bad shape.  We keep electing the cream of the crap.

     The problem is not about democrats and republicans, rich vs poor, men vs women, black vs white.  It’s about the dumbness of voters who don’t care about integrity of public officials. Rather, what’s more important are the freebees that candidates will give out in exchange for votes.  It doesn’t matter if a politician can look into the eyes of Americans regurgitating one lie after another. What matters is if there are enough voters who don’t care about lying and deceiving.  It’s mind boggling.

     When a public official deliberately lies to the public, whether personal or politically based, he unveils a sociopathic personality disorder. Sociopaths feel no sense of guilt or responsibility, regardless the subject matter.  A sociopath is someone who will say anything that benefits his agenda, truth be damned and feel no guilt or remorse or responsibility. Most career criminals are sociopaths. They are the kind of people who should never be trusted with public service with access to sensitive information or to whom we instill trust of our tax dollars.

     When first caught with his vile actions on the Internet, Weiner told one lie after another trying to deflect responsibility, even claiming that his account was being hacked. It was not until the evidence was clear and made public that he had to come clean. But he still had the chutzpah to run again, thinking stupid people won’t care about sleaze. That’s what he thinks of all New Yorkers. He thinks they’re stupid.

     It is an audacious insult to America, not only from the person who runs, but from the people who vote for him. Yet we pass it off like it’s politically normal.

     Weiner is motivated by his enormous ego, his infactuation with power and his wife, Huma Abedin, none of which is a good reason to elect him into a powerful office.

     Now, Weiner is being careful about choosing his words because he knows the Internet is the blue dress that will catch him in more lies. But – and get this – he is still one of the leaders in the polls. Amazingly, people by the thousands are prepared to elect this sleazebag even though he has Internet sex with multiple women, regardless of his marriage and of his political constituency.

     Politicians who can openly lie to the American people should be banned or removed from holding public office. Why? Because it is proof they cannot be trusted with our laws, our tax money or our national security.  How ignorant can we be?

     Bill Clinton? Mark  Sandford?   Marion Barry? Hank Johnson?  Elliot Spitzer? And so many more, all political hacks who have lied to America until their backs were against the wall. Then they had the nerve to run again or remain in office as though it didn’t matter. Meanwhile, the jury is still out on a number of other scandals, including the Benghazi cabal of high level politicians.

     Actually it’s not their fault. It’s the fault of voters.

     Spare me the excuse that lying is not illegal. It’s just as bad to be immoral as it is illegal. It’s time that we establish standards for holding office for all candidates, such as:

  1. You knowingly lie, you’re out.
  2. You conduct yourself immorally, you’re out.
  3. You accept favors for favors, you’re out.

     America dumped President Richard Nixon in 1974, mainly for being a notorious liar. Too bad it didn’t catch on.

     The curious question is why Weiner’s wife who so dutifully and publicly stands by her man, no matter his sleaze. What kind of woman would tolerate the repeated disloyalty, the public humiliation and the utter violations of his vows after barely three years of marriage?

     That will be answered in the next blog. Stay tuned.




Should people of this country be upset if a radical Muslim in the U.S. came along and profiled forty-one unarmed Americans for being Non-Muslim as a reason to shoot them all at point blank range with intent to kill, succeeding in murdering fourteen? (fetus included)

     Should we be more upset if that radical Muslim had been educated on the taxpayer’s dime, through medical school and a degree in psychiatry?

     Should we be even more upset if that radical Muslim pretended to be a loyal American by enlisting in the United States Air Force salaried at $60-plus thousand dollars a year, plus benefits, using the system to penetrate our military as a terrorist mole, and actually succeed?

     Should we be upset if military personnel had witnessed several examples of Islamic extremism concerning this man for months prior to the shootings, to and including classroom pronouncements of anti-American sentiments, that he supported suicide bombings, and no one did anything about it because they didn’t want to be accused of profiling – a Muslim?

     Should we be more upset if our intelligence knew this radical was in regular contact with a known al Qaeda leader and nothing was done about it because he was a Muslim?

     Once the shootings were over and the dust settled, should we be upset if the president refused to come out and acknowledge this was an act of Islamic terror? Rather, he and his government would coin the tragedy as “workplace violence.” Should we be upset over that?

     Should the 28 survivors and the families of the dead  be upset that our government is denying enhanced benefits for combat injuries to victims because the shooting was not classified as an “Islamic terror attack?”

     Shouldn’t the president require that on-duty soldiers on a military base be armed, concluding that if any one of the 41 victims had possession of a loaded weapon at the time, the shootings would have ended immediately, with far less innocent casualties and perhaps, no deaths at all?   

     Should the president suggest that any of those victims might look like his son or daughters?

     Should the Non-Muslim citizenry of the United States have formed organizations around the nation to protest Muslim aggression and profiling, including marches, speeches, threats, spawning hatred and arm-twisting politicians to create stricter laws against Muslims in the military and arming on duty soldiers?

     How about that, Mr. President?  MSNBC? CNN? Al Sharpton? Jesse Jackson?  Race baiters everywhere? Aren’t American servicemen worth protests against profiling? 

     Meanwhile, NBC and other rabble-rousing mdeia outlets, where are the media photos of a boysih, meek Nidal Hasan, juxtaposed to the big military bullies?

     How many of these readers know that the Ft. Hood trial against Nidal Hasan is now under way and a jury is seated. It’s not even mentioned in the Sunday paper and barely in any of the network newscasts, buried by an unending story of one Florida man who killed someone in self defense.

     Thirteen of our precious American military were killed in cold blood on a military base by another serviceman who any idiot could have known was, at the least, a sympathizer to Islamic Jihad. And another 28 suffer with wounds. Yet, it’s zero news. And, it’s only “workplace violence.”   

     Where is the outrage to all of this? It doesn’t exist.




                           “You Never Let a Serious Crisis Go To Waste”

                                                                                — Rahm Emanuel

      Has it ever occurred to anyone that the feds – translated as: the Department of Justice – are keeping the firestorm blowing in the Zimmerman case for an alternate purpose?

     Attorney General, Eric Holder, with the blessings of the president, continues to keep the Zimmerman matter on the front burner, even though it is a state case that has been resolved through the criminal justice system, as is should be.

     To suggest pursuing a civil rights violation, charging that Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin because he is black, is certain to be another losing cause, because all the evidence – I mean ALL the evidence – overwhelmingly shows that this is a self-defense case from day one, which is why the police chief of Sanford and the State Attorney from that district, determined there was no evidence to substantiate criminal charges. That won’t change in federal court.

     Federal court will allow the backgrounds of the subject, George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin into evidence, which will bode well for Zimmerman and very bad for Trayvon, whose sordid past behaviors are not as saintly as the media would have you believe. George Zimmerman’s past has been investigated under a series of microscopes as though he was a national terrorist. Every turn shows him to be the opposite of a racist. (Which undoubtedly displeases a lot of reverse racists) Don’t believe me? Read this:

     Click here: The Truth About George Zimmerman –

      Eric Holder isn’t stupid, he knows all this. So, why keep this a losing cause, on the front burner?

     This is nothing new. Holder got the DOJ involved in this from the upstart, before Zimmerman was even charged, which is another mystery, which suggests alternate motives for keeping this alive. Why did Eric Holder dispatch a squad of DOJ people (Federal Authorities in a state matter) from the Community Relations Service (CRS) to Florida to help coordinate and facilitate protest demonstrations in and around Sanford , Florida?  From the Freedom of Information Act, Judicial Watch came up with this, a partial disclosure of their activities in time line:

  • March 25 – 28, 2012, CRS spent $1,142.84 “in Sanford, FL to work marches, demonstrations, and rallies related to the shooting and death of an African-American teen by a neighborhood watch captain.
  • March 30 – April 1, 2012, CRS spent $892.55 in Sanford, FL “to provide support for protest deployment in Florida.”
  • March 30 – April 1, 2012, CRS spent an additional $751.60 in Sanford, FL “to provide technical assistance to the City of Sanford, event organizers, and law enforcement agencies for the march and rally on March 31.”
  • April 3 – 12, 2012, CRS spent $1,307.40 in Sanford, FL “to provide technical assistance, conciliation, and onsite mediation during demonstrations planned in Sanford.”
  • April 11-12, 2012, CRS spent $552.35 in Sanford, FL “to provide technical assistance for the preparation of possible marches and rallies related to the fatal shooting of a 17 year old African American male.” – expenses for employees to travel, eat, sleep?

     Eric Holder works at the bidding of the president. Protecting Barack Obama is his primary duty. It is a foregone conclusion that stirring the pot will achieve nothing for either side of the Zimmerman matter, other than keeping people stirred up. So why?

     Did it occur to anyone that we have hardly heard anything about Benghazi?  We’ve heard nothing about NSA, the AP and news reporters phone records? The IRS controversy is off most of the front pages.

     I wrote blogs as far back as 2009 and 2010, suggesting that we are all like sheep, led by a fawning media, following the leader wherever he wants us to follow. Dishonest people use diversionary tactics to shift focus from themselves. The best way to shift focus on a hot item, is to create another hot item somewhere else. The old shell game.

     Bank robbers used to start huge fires at one end of town, as a diversionary tactic to draw attention elsewhere, and far from the bank.

     No, Obama, Holder and Al Shartpton and MSNBC had nothing to do with what happened that tragic night when Trayvon Martin lost his life. But they sure seized the opportunity to keep the media and the American people’s attention from the growing scandals facing the White House by race-baiting those who are easily race-baited, amassing the protesters and using the media to spark outrage across the nation.

     Can I prove that? No. But I can assure everyone that lots of strategy is discussed behind the scenes, and there is more to the story of an Attorney General of the United States getting his federal agency – already overworked – mired into a state criminal case where he has no business. People can be blinded by passion and, sadly, controlled by those they worship like little robots.

     Sometimes you gotta look beyond the smokescreen. When we all finally see the light, and realize we’ve been had, it may be embarrassing to all of us.     

    Click here: George Zimmerman Case Timeline | Trayvon Martin Shooting Investigation

      Click here: The Top Twenty Obama Administration Scandals |


     Justice prevailed. Thank goodness.

     Sadly, there are two victims in this case. Yes, Trayvon Martin was too young a person to have lost his life. It was a tragedy, indeed.

     George Zimmerman has also lost his life, while alive. While he may be gratified by the Not Guilty verdict, it’s not all over for Zimmerman and his family. He will have to sit on the edge, waiting to see if Attorney General Eric Holder will do what the feds have done before in these kinds of volatile, race-driven cases, by filing federal civil rights violation charges against Zimmerman. Regardless of federal charges or not, he will have to live in hiding, maybe for the rest of his life.

     Zimmerman could easily endure another two years of nightmares until a federal prosecution fails, and he is once again found Not Guilty …because he IS not guilty. They would do it only to pander to black racists like Al Sharpton, calling for vengeance, because the lawyers all know there is no legal case here.

     This sick and twisted mentality will continue fanning the flames of racial hatred, until one-day, some innocent citizens find themselves at a darkened intersection with a gang of angry blacks rocking their car, turning it over, and then bludgeoning the occupants to death for no other reason, than being white. That’s what happened in Miami, May 17th, 1980.

     And for what?

     Let’s boil the facts down to the bare essentials. 

     George Zimmerman is a decent man living a decent life, categorically proven to be a non-racist with various racial make-ups among his family, friends, and kids he mentored. He is well liked by everyone. He was performing a service to his community which many of us would appreciate, acting as a watch officer of sorts, to keep the home owners safe from thefts and break-ins. He had often called in to non-emergency police numbers if and when he thought there might be a suspicious loiterer in the area. Many of us would love having someone like that in their housing development.

     He’s armed, because he has a legal permit, and because it’s a precaution just in case he’s ever confronted with a life and death situation. That’s highly unlikely, but it can happen.

    It did happen.

     Zimmerman was doing his job, nothing else when he spotted Martin and rightfully called in to the police. Martin was relatively close to his home and could easily have continued on and there would never have been a problem.

     But Martin made a choice. Yes, Trayvon Martin made a choice, he brought it all on himself.

  1. Martin could easily have gone home, nearby, and there would have been no confrontation. But he didn’t.
  2. Martin could have turned to Zimmerman and confronted him verbally like, “Are you following me? Get away or I’ll call the police.” Or .. “Get away or I’ll kick your ass.” Zimmerman would likely have backed off.

     But Trayvon Martin made a different choice and that choice was to sucker punch Zimmerman in the nose, knock him to the ground, and then whack his head against the sidewalk.

     I want every reader to think a moment. Have you ever had your nose slammed with a surprise sucker punch in the dark, and then find yourself being mounted and punched out by an angry young man (please, spare me the “child” adjective) and you are suddenly stunned in instant panic mode. You’re not thinking about rule books and laws and procedures. You’re thinking about survival because you are in sudden dire fear and in great pain and you don’t know what’s next. You’re overwhelmed. And it’s at this point – feeling that you are now in a life/death situation – that you pull the weapon that you are permitted to have for this very purpose. And you fire.

     Anyone else in those same circumstances would have done the same thing.

     Had Zimmerman not fired his gun, the body left on the street that night would likely have been his, his head a bloody mass of mush. And Martin could still have quietly reached home, leaving this just another whodunit for the police that would never have had any attention from the media.

     Trayvon Martin was no angel. He was a kid from Ft.Lauderdale with a history of drug use and was on suspension from school when the incident occurred. They had found burglary tools in his book bag along with a dozen items of jewelry, believed stolen. The jury as not allowed to hear these things.


     Zimmerman is a victim. The media fueled the flames of racial hatred which the race baiters fed in to, and the case became a non-justice issue, but a political vengeance issue. And George Zimmerman – a decent man – will never live a normal and peaceful life because of it.

     There was no hard evidence of 2nd Degree Murder, or any other crime. It did not exist, and that’s why the police and the local prosecutors had not filed charges. Then came the politicians and the race-baiters. Someone from above pressured the governor and the Duval County Prosecutor caved in and filed charges they knew could not be sustained in a court of law.

     Shame on every person, every politician, every reporter, white or black, who didn’t bother to examine the bare facts and see the obvious…that George Zimmerman simply used the last resort in a frantic, perilous situation, just like they all would have done in the same circumstances.

     So easy to judge from the comfort of an arm chair.

     We will never become a truly color-blind society if the issue of race, not facts, is continuously used to flex muscles.

     If the racial equation had been black on black, black on white, or white on white, the shooting in Sanford would have been a blurb on the back pages of the local paper.

     But it didn’t happen that way. And George Zimmerman has a tough road ahead still. The nightmare will follow him the rest of his life.


     The following article was published in today’s issue of four Scripps newspapers on the Treasure Coast of Florida, from Vero Beach to Stuart. Because enrollments and passwords are now required for on-line access to any article from a TC Palm newspaper, I’ve re-printed the article in this blog:

It would seem, the most important issue in foreign policy decisions, is doing what’s best for the people of the United States.

     So, let’s sort this out.

     After more than two years on the sidelines, the Obama administration is now authorizing nearly $1 billion dollars in “humanitarian aid” to the Syrian rebels in their war against the Assad regime. How does this benefit the United States?

     According to USA Today, (April 11, 2013) and many other sources, the Syrian rebels are fighting side-by-side with al Qaeda, the terrorist hate organization that wants to destroy America, the very group that perpetrated 9/11 killing three thousand Americans in one day. Looming in the background is the Muslim Brotherhood, the most prominent Islamist organization in the world, who has risen to power via the middle-east uprisings since the so-called “Arab Spring.”  This is the same organization whose once-secret documents clearly outline their intent on destroying the United States. So, by sending our tax money to the rebels which will benefit al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, we are providing proxy funds to the enemies of the United States.

     Would someone explain why that is a good thing?

     Neither is this helping our relationships with other countries, namely Russia, who Mr. Obama promised more flexibility once re-elected.

     Our presence in helping to rid Libya of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 only served to heighten tensions as minions of the Muslim Brotherhood took over. Seems everything we do in the middle-east is to their advantage.

     Everywhere the Muslim Brotherhood has seized power, strict Islamist law has been imposed, creating misery for Christians and Jews who are on the run in Egypt. Though a minority, Christianity is protected in Assad’s Syria, as it was in Hussein’s Iraq, and will likely find themselves in the same situation as the fleeing Egyptian Coptics if the rebels, and al Qaeda, win their struggle.

     This is not to mention the on-going array of beheadings and other atrocities being perpetrated by rebel forces who we are now supporting. Have we lost our minds?

     The Obama administration is also inviting thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States. Just what we need. Why not bring over oppressed refugees from Sudan, Somalia, Mali, Liberia and Nigeria, and more? Let’s house the world community in our nation. Then what?

     We are entering a lose-lose situation, while spending billions of American tax dollars which, it appears, is not in the best interest of American citizens. The only good that can come of it is eliminating Assad in establishing a new government.

     But, is that a really good thing? Changing regimes does not guarantee something better. It got worse in Egypt and Libya is not doing any better. Ask the Christians who fled Lebanon in the 1980’s about Islamist oppression.

     Maybe we’d do better to take care of our own, and keep our noses out of places it doesn’t belong.

     Abraham Lincoln said, “You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can never please all the people all the time.”

     President Obama, take heed.